Woman Asks Her TikTok Followers To Help Her Find A Guy She Met On Vacation, His Wife Reaches Out

Girl welcome to messy TikTok!

Micarenee, went on a trip to Miami, and while she was there she was recorded by her friend having a ‘conversation’ with a man we now know is married.

Her original video which has now garnered over 3 million views was a plea to her TikTok followers to find a guy she met at the beach in Miami.

In her caption she wrote, “TikTok I come to you today cause I heard what you do for others ? I think he said he’s from Detroit ? #helpmefindhim #boostofhope”.

Here is her original video:

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The second video is where things take a turn for the worse.

Not only was he found, but the brother is married with children and his wife reached out to sis to let her know.


This is the message between his wife and sis in the video:

Wife’s Response

His wife (known as sharee_chantal on TikTok) shared on her own account that even though people are finding humor in this situation, for her and her children this is real life and not funny.

In her caption, she wrote:

“A ni**a go on a one fellas trip….five months later then THIS. You for sure lost a great one!!!!”

She has since made her TikTok account private.

Husband’s Response

The ‘husband’ made a couple of videos, calling cap to the entire thing.

From his perspective, they had one 7 min conversation and that was it, insinuating that Micarenee exaggerated the situation for her own benefit.

Watch all three of his videos below:

Sharee’s overly friendly husband, a fitness trainer known as AJ, jumped onto TikTok insisting his innocence.

“You cappin’ hard,” he said, accusing Renee of lying about their supposed love connection.

“There was never no cheating, and never no attempting to cheat,” he added, noting that their one-off encounter happened five months ago.

AJ went on to suggest Renee seek professional counseling.

“I hope you get whatever mental help you need because that s–t is just a little crazy and very, very weird,” he continued. “Hope your life gets better.”

And in closing he swore, “Just for the record I definitely don’t cheat on my wife, she knows that.”

In response, an “appalled” Renee said: “I hope that married men stop approaching single women, in general. And single women, please be mindful of your interactions on the internet. I never expected my fun lighthearted video would go viral.”

His comment section is of course in shambles, his critics calling him out for not wearing his wedding ring while in Miami, but having it on now as he defends himself.

Read below:

Dude, you literally said nothing this whole video. ??

Kitana McGee
So now you wearing your ring ?

Ginger Rose
WHAT?. You’re saying a whole lot of NOTHING ???

sir, u shouldn’t be disrespecting a woman u only spoke to for 5 mins because u don’t know how to act married ?

She wasn’t being weird ?. She never said you were trying to cheat. She thought you were single because you were ACTING SINGLE!

There are various comments over an internet forum too.

Mrwiregrass: Damn, his wife busted him quick. 😳

CEE DOG: For every fine broad there is a guy somewhere tired of smashing her and dealing with her problems.

jsupop33: Whew……Should have left the country player. Go somewhere with little to no english.

Tpop33: But she got a Phd and no cookbook! 🤣

unknown1: This is why most dudes go to the Dominican Republic. Any dudes going on a trip solo there or with their homeboys going to smash them low dollar hookers over there. They are beautiful chicks and young…and impoverished. Niggas fly down there to take advantage of it by giving em a few dollars and the chicks think they getting over.

What a mess! Comment your thoughts below.

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