WHOA! Michel’le Ratings Were UNBELIEVABLE, Guess How Many People Tuned In

Since the premiere of Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le, the former Death Row Records singer has received mixed responses about the film. Surprisingly, Michel’le has been bashed by both men and women who have questioned her claims or judged her for staying with Dr. Dre as long as she did. But despite the negative responses, Michel’le’s ratings soared to unbelievable heights when the film premiered.

Above and Beyond:
According to Deadline, Surviving Compton averaged a total of 2.3 million total viewers Saturday night alone. But, things didn’t stop there. Beyond The Headlines: Michel’le also averaged a total of 1.9 million viewers. It has been reported that the film and following documentary boasted a whopping 9.4 million viewers for the entire weekend. Can you believe it? Well, even if you can’t, they say numbers just don’t lie.

Fans’ Reaction:
It looks like the good is definitely outweighing the bad. Shortly after the movie aired, fans took to social media with their reactions to the film. Of course, there were critical responses, but surprisingly, many of those responses were aimed toward Dr. Dre. In fact, many fans have made statements about boycotting Beats By Dre as a response to their disapproval of domestic abuse.

However, fans aren’t the only people responding to Surviving Compton.

Open Doors:
Yesterday, Michel’le took to Instagram with a post about the call she received from Oprah.

According to VLAD TV, Oprah has approached Michel’le about doing an exclusive interview. It has been reported that Oprah wants to have a more indepth discussion with the singer about the abuse she suffered during her relationships with Dre and Suge Knight.

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