Who Knew? “Nettie” From “The Color Purple” Has A Child With Him?

Remember “Nettie” (Akosua Busia) from “The Color Purple,” you know, “Celie’s” sister? She held her own alongside other heavy weights in the acting world- Whoopi, Danny Glover, Oprah Winfrey, and others. Well what many didn’t know is that she has a beautiful child with a legendary director from back in the day, who is still relevant today.

It’s Boyz N Da Hood film director John Singleton! He married Akosua, and they had a child. Who knew?

On October 12, 1996, 30-year old Akosua married 28-year old John, with whom they had a daughter Hadar Busia-Singleton, born (April 3, 1997). We all remember when Mr. Singleton, in 1991, age 24 became the youngest person ever nominated for Best Director, and the first African-American to be nominated for the Oscar award.

He most recently made headlines for his incredible directing on an episode of Empire starring Taraji P. Henson and Terence Howard. He directed the 5th episode called “Dangerous Bonds.”…excellent show by the way, if you haven’t already checked it out. He bursted on the scene with Boyz n the Hood and then when he directed the music video for Michael Jackson’s single “Remember The Time,” starring Eddie Murphy, Magic Johnson & super model Iman, everybody saw his versatility and knew he was a force to be reckoned with.

His follow-up films Poetic Justice (1993) and Higher Learning (1995) were just as attention grabbing and after the latter movie is when he met Akosua. We all know Akousa is no joke also with her acting skills. She later joined in his next movie – the 1997 film Rosewood. Just after the movie was released, the couple divorced on 15 June 1997. I bet you didn’t know this about Akousa…

Akosua Gyamama Busia (“Nettie”) is that she also co-wrote the song “Moon Blue” with Stevie Wonder for his album A Time 2 Love. She’s from Ghana, Africa, and she is a princess of the royal family of Wenchi, Ghana, Africa. Her Dad, Kofi Abrefa Busia, is the ex-prime minister of the Republic of Ghana and he is also the Prince of Wenchi.

Her sister, Abena Busia, is a poet and an associate professor in English at Rutgers University. Akosua Busia grew up in Ghana, and began her acting career at the age of 16, attending London’s Central School of Speech and Drama on scholarship. Her first acting gig was as “Juliet” in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet at Oxford University, where her siblings were attending school.

Although some of us probably didn’t see her after her “Nettie” portrayal, she also had roles as “Ruth” in Badge of the Assassin (1985), as “Jewel” in John Singleton’s Rosewood (1997), and as Patience in Antoine Fuqua’s Tears of the Sun (2003). She has also appeared on television in the series ER.

We haven’t heard from Ms. Busia since doing ER…hopefully we’ll be seeing her again soon and Singleton is preparing to direct the biopic TUPAC.

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