Watch: Ravi Shastri amazed by Jasprit Bumrah’s record breaking performance in England

The former coach of the Indian cricket team, Ravi Shastri, is all praise of Jasprit Bumrah in a new video

Ravi Shastri is stunned and all praise of Jasprit Bumrah’s record-breaking performance against Stuart Board of England at Edgbaston test. The former coach of the Indian Cricket Team got back to the commentary for Sky Sports in England and talked about how he is elated witnessing such adrenaline-hit occasions. He also mentioned that he earlier commentated over Yuvraj Singh’s six sixes against Broad in the 2007 T20 World Cup.

Mentioning his own six sixes in a Ranji match, Shastri told, “Don’t tell me I was on the mic again when 35 runs were scored! I thought I had seen it all, but not really. 36 from Yuvraj, 36 I had hit myself. Today, what I saw, was bizarre.”
He continued, “It’s something I’ve never imagined. The world record, from Jasprit Bumrah, batting at number 10, as captain of India, for the first time. Going past Brian Lara, George Bailey, Keshav Maharaj. 29 off the over (off his bat). The bowler the same as Yuvraj hit for six sixes, Stuart Broad. The entire over for 35, again a world record.”

Concluding, Shastri said, “You feel you have seen everything, but you must realize you’re still a student of the game. Something will surprise you on another day, but what I saw today was something absolutely bizarre. Jasprit Bumrah, breaking the world record, getting 29 off his bat, in a 35 run over!”

More about Jasprit Bumrah’s record-breaking performance:
Jasprit Bumrah’s batting was something that comes once in a while to the cricket lovers. The batsman scored 31 out of 16 very quickly to ensure that India crosses the 400 run mark and of course, to put further pressure back on England, while captain of the opponent Ben Stokes was left in a mind-numbing scenario how 98-5 turned into a massive number of runs

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