Video Surface of Shanquella Robinson Beaten To Death While On Cabo Trip With Friends [VIDEO]

A North Carolina woman was found dead at a Mexican resort from what authorities initially determined to be alcohol poisoning — but a new video has emerged showing her being assaulted and her death is now being investigated as a violent crime.

Shanquella Robinson, 25, of Charlotte, traveled on Oct. 28 with six friends to the resort city of San José del Cabo, where they stayed at the swanky Fundadores Beach Club, WBTV reported.

The following day, Robinson was found dead at Villa Linda 32, a rental offered by, and authorities launched a criminal investigation, according to WSOC-TV.

Her parents soon received a frantic phone call from Robinson’s friends, who told them she had died.

“They said she wasn’t feeling well, that it was alcohol poisoning,” Robinson’s mom, Sallamondra Robinson, told the news outlet.

The family told WBTV that Mexican authorities told them that Shanquella died of alcohol poisoning.

But the death certificate has revealed that the cause of death was a “severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation,” an instability of the first two neck vertebrae, WSOC reported.

Alcohol was not mentioned in the report, according to the station.

The death certificate lists the time between injury and death as about 15 minutes and notes that Shanquella was found unconscious in the living room.

The mystery has been compounded by a horrific video that emerged allegedly showing Shanquella being beaten inside a hotel room. In the distressing video, someone can be heard asking if she “could at least fight back.”

It was unclear when and where the unverified video was taken, but Sallamondra told WSOC that she recognized the people in the footage as the friends who went to Mexico with her daughter.

The mother also said she believed the video was shot during the fateful trip.

Watch the video below.

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