Uh Oh! Friends Of Usher’s Newest STD Accuser Reportedly Expose Her As A Fraud & She Responds

You know the Old School saying, what goes around, comes around? Well apparently that is what is taking place in private life of Usher’s accuser, who held a press conference earlier today (8-7-2017).

Fameolous has just outed Quantasia Sharpton- the woman who accused Usher of having sex with her without telling him he allegedly had herpes- on many different levels. We don’t know if everything you’re about to see is true, but it looks pretty convincing and interesting.

Allegations That Have Now Surfaced About Usher’s Accuser
Soon as Quantasia’s press conference, blasting Usher was wrapped this morning, everyone was wondering who in the hell she is. So of course it was only a matter of time before some facts and allegations began to surface about her. Here’s what was reported:

  1. Her name is apparently not Quantasia Sharpton, according to Fameolous, it’s Quantasia Ownes. She also goes by the name, Angel Valentino, on social media.
  2. Her friends outed her on social media after watching her press conference about Usher. In a video grab of their Facebook Live chat, they called her a habitual liar and laughed at her alleged ‘lies’ about having had sex with Usher.

Also according to the Fameolous report, Quantasia allegedly lied in the past about reportedly being pregnant by singer, August Alsina.

  1. She also was said to have lied about a few other things as well. Here’s what was posted on Instagram, via Fameolous:

Via Fameolous: ‘Update- The girl Quantasia Sharpton aka Angel Valentino lied on @usher . I can confirm that she never went back to the room with him let alone spent alone time with him. The truth is the girl is very delusional and she is known for being a liar. Her story about it being her bday is a lie. She lied to get into the event and when it was over she went back to her cheap hotel. I have witnesses who can account to this. She lied on @augustalsina as well telling people she “ran” a train on him and also lied about having twins. There was a time when she told ppl she was in a relationship with Keith Powers and she edited Luke James Wikipedia page to say that they were in a relationship. She met some dude name Jon Connor in the industry and got his name tatted on her the next day. On Monday she on was on Facebook begging for money‍♀️’

Accuser’s Background Info & Joke About Usher & R. Kelly

We did some background checks on some of the info reported and we were able to validate a few things:

It is a fact that Quantasia knows, or knows of at least the female in the video who accused her of being a consistent liar. She talks to the female who goes by the name of @tamelblondell on social media. They even joked about the recent allegations against Usher together online, in which Quantasia joked that she’d rather R. Kelly “piss” on her than to allegedly catch herpes from Usher.



She said that she’s “met” August Alsina about “10 times” at various public meet and greet events and has posted photos with several male celebs at public meet n’ greets on her Instagram.

So you can use those tidbits of info to your discretion. Moving on…

Accuser’s Response To Being Called A Liar
Soon after the video of her alleged friends and her alleged lies about celebs got back to Quantasia, she responded with a meme that alluded that she has some sort of video of her and Usher. Unfortunately, she has now disabled her comments, which prohibits anyone from asking her for clarity underneath her posts.

Fans Slam Usher’s Accuser, Calling Her A Liar
It didn’t take long for fans to find her on social media and slam her over the many allegations against her that indicate she is lying about Usher:


Listen, we’re definitely not saying that Usher (nor anyone else),should get a free pass IF the STD allegations against him are true- wrong is wrong. BUT we are saying that it is equally wrong for anyone to make false claims against him for fame or money as well, IF they are not being truthful. As we stated in our prior article, we don’t know if Quantasia is telling the truth or not regarding her allegations against Usher- it’s possible that she could be..who knows. However, after seeing what she said in her press conference– that she did NOT get herpes from Usher and that their alleged one night stand was consensual- her motives for wanting the public to know who she is are what now seem questionable. Nonetheless, best wishes to all involved in this current Usher STD scandal at this time.

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