Tyrese Addresses Ex-GF, Says 43-Year-Olds Shouldn’t Date 25-Year-Olds

Tyrese put his ex-girlfriend Zelie Timothy on blast after their breakup, calling her a “manipulator” and “snake.” Timothy responded by saying she misses him, but Tyrese apparently isn’t having it.

The singer took to Instagram recently and expressed himself, saying, “I have learned a very big lesson here and that’s 43-year-olds shouldn’t try and connect to or relate to 25-year-olds.” He called the combo “OIL and WATER” before saying, “I guess I’m really out here GROWN GROWN and tryna keep up with these youngsters is not my life or my world..”

Tyrese then addressed his ex, saying, “Although it was one of your biggest fears and insecurities, I still don’t want her back, I don’t wanna see her, I haven’t seen her, and don’t want anything to do with her other [than] her being an amazing co-parent to our daughter…” Take a look below.

Source/Credits for the news: VladTV

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