Tyler Perry’s Longtime Partner Gelila Bekele Gushes over the Beauty of Her Homeland of Ethiopia

Acclaimed actor and producer Tyler Perry’s longtime girlfriend, Gelila Bekele, could not help but gush over her homeland Ethiopia’s beauty.

Gelila Bekele, Tyler Perry’s model girlfriend, is always in awe of her beautiful country of Ethiopia. Though she lives in a busy city, the 34-year-old model remains true to her African roots.

On November 2, Bekele took to Instagram to share with her 96,000 Instagram followers a beautiful picture of herself in a crowd, which she took during a recent trip to Ethiopia.


Bekele iwas sitting on the ground, surrounded by people. The American-Ethiopian model and the rest of the crowd appeared to be watching something interesting beyond the camera.

The image gave off different moods. Some squinted their eyes as they endured the humid weather, while others appeared unbothered. It was at this moment that Bekele felt humbled. She wrote:

“Every time I go home, I am beyond humbled by the abundance of our culture, traditions and grace. “.

The model-activist was dressed in a white shirt and jeans. While looking away from the camera, the doting mother gave a sweet smile.

Many fans took to the comment section to express their thoughts about Bekele’s picture. One fan noted that she looked beautiful in her snap, while another one pointed out her lovely smile.

As Perry forged a new path to produce quality shows, criticism continued to follow him.


Last October, Bekele showed her Instagram fans a breathtaking piece of nature in Ethiopia. She was in her country to bid farewell to her grandmother Almaz up in the mountains.

Bekele paired her heart-warming tribute with a picturesque view of a vast landscape. She was standing on top of a mountain as a way of paying her final respects to her late grandmother.


The documentary filmmaker seems content about the life she is sharing with Perry. In a previous interview, many fans thought that the newly-minted billionaire did not have a girlfriend.

He revealed that he has been in a relationship for a long time, but he does not like to speak much about it publicly. The couple has been together since 2009.

In 2015, Perry and Bekele welcomed their son, Aman Tyler. Amid their popularity, the low-key couple has been working hand in hand to achieve their creative endeavors.


As Perry forged a new path to produce quality shows, criticism continued to follow him. But amid the negative remarks, he said he will stick to what his audience wants.

Perry is now considered as one of the iconic Black figures in the community. He has created a platform that showcases the talents of Black artists and creatives.

A trailblazer, he is determined to continue to diversify Hollywood on both sides of the camera. Through his efforts, Perry is hopeful that more Black voices will be heard in the future.

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