Tom Hank’s Son Chet Carries His Biracial Daughter as He Kisses Her Smiling Face in Sweet Photo

Chet Hanks, the son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, shared a cute picture of himself and his adorable biracial daughter on Instagram before announcing he is leaving social media.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s son Chet Hanks shared an adorable snap of himself and his beautiful biracial daughter, Michaiah, on his Instagram page.

In the picture, Chet wore a white shirt which he paired with jean pants. He also wore a grey cap and carried a black bag on his back. He carried his beautiful daughter in his arms, kissing her sweetly as he walked.

Michaiah enjoyed the attention her father was giving her and smiled sweetly as she held on to him. In the caption to the post, Chet had a surprise announcement to make to his fans.

The 30-year-old revealed he was taking a break from social media following many months of vile accusations against him from those he tagged as conspiracy theorists.

Chet said the accusations were taking a toll on him because he could not bear seeing the lies written about his family. He also said it made him hostile and paranoid.

The film actor further said he believed the hate would never stop. Hence he is finding better ways to deal with it because not doing so will allow the world’s toxicity to eat him alive.

Concluding his caption, Chet hoped those in a similar situation could find ways of tuning it all out. He also added that they should never forget to love themselves.

Chet revealed that his daughter’s birth saved his life and helped him deal with his drugs and alcohol addiction, enabling him to live a sober life.

Chet shares Michaiah with his ex, Tiffany Miles. The adorable little tot was seen for the first time in public in December 2016 when she stepped out with her mom.

That first appearance made people realize the striking resemblance between Michaiah and her famous grandfather, Tom Hanks. In February 2019, Chet was also pictured with his daughter in public for the first time.

The father-daughter duo stepped out to enjoy a good time at a park in La Quinta, California. The bond between father and daughter was very adorable to see.

In a previous interview, Chet revealed that his daughter’s birth saved his life and helped him deal with his drugs and alcohol addiction, enabling him to live a sober life.

Chet is Hanks and Wilson’s firstborn son and has a controversial past due to his addiction to drugs and alcohol as well as some scandalous remarks.

Besides Chet, Hanks has three other children. He shares two children – son Colin and daughter Elizabeth – with his former wife, Samatha Lewes. He shares Chet and Truman Theodore with Wilson who he has been married to since 1988.

The famous actor also has three grandchildren. Coincidentally, all the actor’s grandkids are girls. Besides Michaiah, his first son Colin is a father of two adorable daughters, Olivia and Charlotte.

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