TMZ: Sasha Obama Reportedly Not Interested in Joining a Sorority at University of Michigan

Sasha Obama decided against not joining a sorority at the University of Michigan just yet, despite being called the newest “it” girl on the campus.

Sororities in the University of Michigan are trying to recruit Sasha Obama to join them, but the freshman isn’t interested in joining any just yet.

During the start of each school year, interested students must register to their desired sororities before a deadline. However, Sasha didn’t register for any.

Sasha was named the “Rush Crush” for sororities during her first day at the university.

While Sasha stayed at the Alpha Chi Omega (AXO) sorority during a university visit, and while her close friends reportedly in it already, she followed her mom and sister’s footsteps by not rushing into making a decision.

If she does join them, though, she resonates quite well with AXO’s mantra, which reads:

“Unique, talented, genuine women choosing a fun, and meaningful way to enhance your college experience and building lifelong bonds that extend long into your alumni years.”

Michelle never joined a sorority while in Princeton, but she was given an honorary membership at the Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) sorority, which is an African-American sorority. Malia also isn’t in one at Harvard, as sororities are not recognized at the Ivy League institution.

Sasha’s university experience is off to a good start, as several sororities and organizations have been eyeing to get her attention. In fact, Sasha was named the “Rush Crush” for sororities during her first day at the university with all of them eager to get her pledge.

People were surprised to see Sasha at the University of Michigan, as she is the only Obama not to attend an Ivy League school.

Former President Barack Obama attended Columbia University, her mom attended Princeton University for her bachelor’s degree and Harvard University for law school, and her sister Malia is in her junior year in Harvard.

Whatever it is her choice was, however, her family was more than happy to have her pave her own path. In fact, Barack and Michelle Obama might even be relieved that their daughter is studying at a place nearer to their home in Chicago.

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