TikTok helps woman find her mystery lover — and his wife

He was found, all right.

When a Pennsylvania woman named Mica Renee took to TikTok asking social media sleuths to help her reconnect with the would-be love of her life, she ultimately ended up connecting with his wife.

“I was shocked to find out he had a wife,” Renee, 28, told The Post of a mystery man she’d met on Miami Beach last August. “And I never expected my video would go viral. I just thought if he was found, we’d reconnect and maybe exchange numbers.”

In the months since their one and only meeting, Renee recently decided to share a now-trending video of their tryst under TikTok’s ever-popular “helpmefindhim” hashtag — a tag with more than 168.6 million posts from users asking unofficial internet investigators to assist them in reuniting with estranged strangers.

“TikTok help me find this man I met in Miami,” she pleaded in her cyber search for her then-unknown Romeo, who’d approached her on the beach.

In the video — which has sparked a tsunami of more than 4.6 million views — a gleeful Renee, a model and travel blogger, is seen posing knee-deep in the water for pictures when a shirtless man walks up and engages her in seemingly flirty conversation.

A mini-montage of footage from their chance encounter shows Renee and her anonymous admirer laughing, holding hands and hugging as a remixed version of Mint Condition’s R&B classic “Pretty Brown Eyes” blasts in the post’s background.

“He walked right into the ocean to introduce himself to me,” Renee wrote in the clip’s closed captions, emphasizing her elation with the heart-eyes emoji.

Her excitement notwithstanding, Renee went on to admit that she’d regrettably lost her happenstance honey’s contact information after their brief rendezvous.

“I was lit when he gave me his number,” she penned before telling her more than 16,000 followers, “I’m counting on [y’all to find him]. Hopefully he ain’t married!”

Well, here’s hoping she didn’t get her hopes up too high.

Shortly after Renee’s first video began to circulate, she shared an update post revealing she’d learned that her seaside sweetheart is married, and that his wife of six years had contacted her through TikTok’s direct messages.

“He is indeed married and I won’t be reaching out to him,” Renee said.

She shared a screenshot of her chat with the man’s scorned spouse, Sharee, who jotted down her husband’s digits and said, in part: “Tell him Sharee gave you the number.”

Renee immediately apologized to the woman.

However, an unfazed Sharee was surprisingly happy to have learned of her hubby’s extramarital escapades.

“It’s not your fault,” she said in response to Renee’s mea culpa. “He didn’t care so please believe I’m not about to. But thank you for posting this. Everything done in the dark will always come to the light.”

Sharee, a mother of four from Michigan, also asked Renee to refrain from deleting the damning evidence of her groom’s not-so-discreet infidelity.

“Can you not delete the video,” she said. “I don’t want him lying about this too.” Renee eagerly agreed.

“I can only imagine what she is going through,” Renee told The Post of Sharee. “And I appreciate that we were able to communicate about the situation very respectfully.”

The married man’s messy Miami Beach madness didn’t end there.

Sharee’s overly friendly husband, a fitness trainer known as AJ, jumped onto TikTok insisting his innocence.

“You cappin’ hard,” he said, accusing Renee of lying about their supposed love connection.

“There was never no cheating, and never no attempting to cheat,” he added, noting that their one-off encounter happened five months ago.

AJ went on to suggest Renee seek professional counseling.

“I hope you get whatever mental help you need because that s–t is just a little crazy and very, very weird,” he continued. “Hope your life gets better.”

And in closing he swore, “Just for the record I definitely don’t cheat on my wife, she knows that.”

In response, an “appalled” Renee said: “I hope that married men stop approaching single women, in general. And single women, please be mindful of your interactions on the internet. I never expected my fun lighthearted video would go viral.”

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