The powerful western nations provided Pakistan the opportunity to present its candidature for UN Security Council


Islamabad 17 July (IANS) Some of the most powerful western nations provided Pakistan to announce its bid to be a permanent member of the UN Security Council to try to break the impasse in reorganizing the world’s most powerful decision-making body, local media reported.

Pakistan has, however, resisted the proposal, citing the move as a strategy by some countries to weaken a faction that opposes the increase of permanent seats to the UNSC.

“Some powerful countries have approached us and said Pakistan should launch its bid for the permanent seat at the UNSC,” disclosed an Pak Foreign Office official while seeking privacy, The Express Tribune reported.

The official claimed that Pakistan declined the offer as it realized it was not real and was an attempt to force Islamabad to quit it from the Uniting for Consensus (UfC) group that opposes expanding the UNSC.

The UfC comprises 13 nations which include Pakistan, Italy, Canada, South Korea, Argentina, Spain and Turkey, is campaigning against the increase of permanent seats of the UNSC.

The UN General Assembly recently decided to extend the inter-governmental talks (IGNs) concerning reforming the Security Council reform to the next General Assembly session, something which is considered to be an achievement for the countries that are part in the UfC.

The UfC like the G4 it has also proposed non-permanent seats, with a longer in terms, and a chance to be re-elected.

Brazil, India, Germany and Japan on their own have been advocating for the expansion of the current permanent participants of the UNSC to eleven. They have made claim to be permanent members of the UNSC as well as recommending two more member countries from in the African regions, The Express Tribune reported.


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