The author of “Bruh Man” from Martin, Reginald Ballard, reveals that his wife gave him a kidney and saved his life: We Both Survived Surgery.

When Reginald Ballard played the supporting part of “Bruh Man from the 5th Floor” on Martin, the general public first became aware of him. His appearance on the show started during season 2, following a successful audition.

He claims that he and Martin improvised the character’s lines for the most part. With the help of this, they were able to develop the endearing and fruitful chemistry that we have been watching on TV for almost three seasons.

In the eighth grade, Reginald Ballard would first meet the woman who would become his future wife. But when they initially met, they were more rivals than friends. Since then, they have been a couple and have been married since 1987.

They have two kids together. He relocated to Hollywood with his wife so that he may live out his goals. His wife never left his side when they were indigent. She never left his side while he was healthy. And Reginald Ballard’s wife was by his side in 2020 when he developed severe kidney issues. Ballard later learned that his wife was a perfect match after doctors told him he needed a kidney.

Her kidney was the wrong size because of their different sizes. The actor explained that they actually performed a swap. She exchanged kidneys with someone after giving them to them. I received someone else’s. The operation took place on December 10, 2020.

After the procedure went well, Reginald Ballard posted a photo of himself and his wife on Facebook. Ballard exclaimed joyously, SHE GAVE HER KIDNEY FOR ME. Then he highlighted their love story while praising his wife.

They claim that black love isn’t real, but there they have been for 36 years. WE LOVE EACH OTHER WITH ALL OF OUR [FINGERS] AND ALL OF OUR TOES. Then, in April, Ballard made a second appearance on Facebook with a new image of the pair at the beach. Today I am completely post-operative. ALL GLORY BE TO THE ALL-CREATING GOD, he penned.

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