Texas Boy, 6, Is Killed Right in Front of Grandpa, Takes Last Breath in His Arms

One doting grandfather walked to the shop with his precious six-year-old grandson like he always did. He had no idea it would be one of their final moments together.

Darien Lewis was a special little boy. His autism diagnosis didn’t stop him from loving people deeply, and he enjoyed giving hugs to everyone. The sweet child was known for his kind nature and liked caring for his brother and cousins.

Lewis often wore a fedora and managed to bring his uniqueness wherever he went. As he grew older, Lewis learned to say new words, and his family couldn’t wait to see him reach various milestones.

he Boy’s Bond with His Grandfather

Lewis’ loved ones had no idea that an ordinary Saturday would become their worst nightmare. On October 1, 2022, the adorable little boy accompanied his grandfather, Dana Hubbard, to the shop for a snack after dinner.

Hubbard enjoyed the company of his grandson and was proud of the “loving and respectable child” he was becoming. Sadly, their time together was cut short when the unthinkable happened.

The Tragic Accident

While walking along Leawood Boulevard in Houston, Texas, a truck crashed into the little boy. The grandfather witnessed the shocking ordeal and couldn’t believe his eyes. He shared that the driver drove over his grandson three times and added:

“I got on the ground, and I held him. I felt his pulse and said, ‘We have a pulse. Someone call 911 to get my grandson some help.’ To take his last breath, and him letting go of my hand, it hurts a whole lot.”

The youngster was pronounced dead at the scene and passed away in his grandfather’s arms—it was a devastating moment for Hubbard. He lost one of the most special people in his life, and the pain was unimaginable.

The Worst Part of the Ordeal

Per Hubbard, the vehicle driver behaved unacceptably and smirked when he confronted him. The grandfather was shattered thinking about the shocking events and loss of innocent life.

He stated that the most challenging part of the ordeal was “knowing what [Lewis] could have been.” He was saddened that his grandson didn’t have a chance to live out his hopes and dreams.

His Parents Are Shattered
The boy’s family was lost for words, and one of his cousins started wearing Lewis’ beloved fedora. They grieved, and on their GoFundMe page, the youngster’s parents wrote a brief message. It included the following sentence that emphasized their pain:

“We cannot find the words to express anything regarding the passing of our son, Darien.”

The parents were grateful for the support and hoped to give their son the memorial service he deserved. By October 5, more than $3,000 had been donated.

The Grandfather Wants Justice

Police revealed the driver of the car, Pedro Alberto Hernandez admitted to consuming four beers before the accident. He was taken into custody and faces several charges.

The sweet little boy’s grandfather hopes justice will prevail and wants someone to be held accountable. He added that a simple slap on the wrist was not enough, and stricter measures and consequences were needed.

Lewis‘ family couldn’t believe that their entire world was shattered in the twinkle of an eye. The boy’s cousin wrote:

“Now another mother is left trying to figure out how to put the pieces of her world back together after losing a son at such a young age so tragically!”

The Online Response

Netizens sympathized with the mother, grandfather, and everyone who loved the little boy. He was undoubtedly special, and his passing broke their hearts. Many people sent condolences and prayers to the mourning family:

“What a precious little one! I’m so sorry that he was taken so cruelly. I pray for justice to be pronounced on the criminal here on earth and am thankful that Darien was in the arms of Jesus.”

– (Amzy N Tammy Hibler) October 5, 2022

“This is so heartbreaking! Praying for this family, may God comfort them during this difficult time.”

– (Brigitte Dominguez) October 4, 2022

“Lord God have mercy. I am praying for this little boy’s family.”

– (Pepper Tryon Williams) October 4, 2022

We send our thoughts and prayers to Lewis’ loved ones and pray God grants them the strength to continue. RIP, special angel!

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