T.I. Sends Epic Response To His Enemy Wendy Williams Over Her Viral Bikini Photos

When it comes to Xscape singer, Tiny, and her husband/rapper, T.I., there has been more public drama than a lil’ bit as of late. However, this here topic is not so much about their public issues, but rather about T.I.’s payback toward Wendy Williams, because of her opinions about their marriage drama.

In case y’all haven’t heard by now, Wendy Williams went instantly viral recently, after bikini photos of her spread across the internet like wild fire. Why? Because many were shocked by her much slimmer body and seemingly larger breasts. Just days after hurricane Irma devastated parts of some Caribbean countries, Wendy decided to still move forward with her vacation plans to one of them, Barbados, which caught some rain and wind, but thankfully escaped the destructive path of Irma. Wendy was photographed walking along the sandy beach on Caribbean island flaunting her stuff in a black string bikini.

Thousands of fans voiced their opinions- some even went as far as to call her vacay insensitive to those left struggling to pick up the pieces from the hurricane in Barbuda Island (330+ miles away from Barbados). Others said Wendy still should have postponed her vacation to Barbados, because just a few days ago, a 16-year-old junior professional surfer sadly died on a Barbados beach, while surfing during the high tides of Hurricane Irma. However, most people chose to focus on Wendy’s ever so shrinking bikini body.

T.I.’s Reaction Shows “Mercy” On Wendy
T.I. has long had a dislike of Wendy’s many opinions about him throughout her coverage of his marital problems on her talk show. However, now that the time has come for him to so easily be able to roast the hell outta her, he decided to choose a rather interesting approach. He chose not to clown Wendy and instead suggested that she learn how to become a better person from his choice. Check out his epic reaction to Wendy below…

@troubleman31: Ok now as much sh*t as this sister talk about people… (Myself included) I know what y’all expect. But I’m not gon do the obvious & fye her ass up. NOPE!!! I’m gon be respectful because regardless of her flaws she’s still a independent black business woman that’s had to fight her way through life to get where she is. JUST LIKE THE PEOPLE SHE JUDGES DAILY!!! But I’m gon try something new & different this time. Let’s see if the power of mercy moves her heart to not be so malicious & vindictive in the future when she’s speaking on the lives of other strangers when they’re going through their own PERSONAL tough times. That’s my approach… let’s see.

Just like our mommas taught us back in the day, “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all,” it looks like that’s the route T.I. took…while throwing in a side of shade toward Wendy Williams. Thoughts ILOSM fam?’

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