Stephen Curry’s 23-Month-Old Son Canon Melts Hearts Showing His Cute Golden Braids in New Photo

Stephen “Steph” Curry’s toddler son, Canon, was a sight for sore eyes in a social media post that had him looking radiant. He melted the hearts of admirers.

Star mom Ayesha Curry knows how to charm her fans with captivating images of her picture-perfect kids, and her latest post was no exception!

On Instagram, Curry, who shares her kids with NBA star, Stephen Curry, shared an appealing post of her youngest child, Canon, who rocked Conroe braids and had followers swooning.


The one-photo post showed the little boy seemingly alighting from a flight of stairs. Canon sported a two-piece baby ensemble with colorful bicycle patterns with a tiny gold bracelet on one wrist. His doting mom gushed:

“Lord. This little guy just keeps melting my heart. His daddy must be a looker.”

The highlights of Canon’s snapshot were his lovely eyes, rosy cheeks, and little pink lips. Fans could not get enough of his glow, and they made their sweet thoughts known in the comments. A follower admired his braids, while another added: “He’s too adorable. Those eyes, those cheeks.”


Back in 2018, the Currys shared their joy with fans after Cookbook star Ayesha Curry became a mom for the third time. On Instagram, the happy mom announced to fans while sharing the new Brown’s moniker, and making it known that she officially has a “family of five!”

An exclusive chat with People had Curry, a mom of three, talking about motherhood.
Ayesha Curry wrote: “…He joined us earlier than we thought, and we couldn’t be more excited and grateful.” NBA champion Stephen Curry also shared the big news on his Instagram page. Through her pregnancy journey, Ayesha kept fans updated.


The bestselling author posted a sweet family photo that was taken following a successful basketball game. Ayesha Curry took the time to emphasize the importance of family. In the picture, she had Canon in her arms while beaming beside her spouse.

Some trolls were, however overreaching, as they commented on Canon’s weight. It all started with a follower asking if Ayesha Curry was pregnant while she hilariously replied:

“absolutely not LOL. My 30 lb son is just breaking my back in every photo.”


Besides her Hollywood career and thriving food business, Ayesha Curry is known for being a candid mom, who never shies away from sharing her struggles.

She usually keeps open discussions about her body image. She once shared on Instagram: “I have never been one to cage my feelings and emotions to any capacity. I am human. It brings me pure joy to speak my mind..”

In an exclusive chat with People, Curry, a mom of three, talked about motherhood. She made it known that she and her spouse had picked Canon’s name during their honeymoon!

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