Social Media Responds To The “Pink Sauce” Maker Seemingly Not Knowing What FDA Stands For

What does the “F” in FDA stand for? It seems not everyone knows it stands for food.

Just a week after Chef Pii’s “pink sauce” debacle became the main topic online, people are baffled at the creator seemingly not knowing the meaning of the “FDA,” Food & Drug Administration.



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Creator Responds To Pink Sauce Backlash

After receiving backlash and complaints about the condiment primarily consisting of dragon fruit, the mother of two took to TikTok, the platform she says “created the pink sauce,” and spoke with her followers. While speaking, people posted comments and asked if the newly made sauce was FDA-approved.

What do you mean FDA approved? I don’t sell medical products, Chef Pii responded during a live on TikTok when someone asked if the homemade condiment was government regulated.

Once the vid made its way to Twitter, people were shocked at her response.

People React To Chef Pii’s FDA Comments

One person noted people are buying food from someone who is unfamiliar with the acronym.

Celebs Chime In About FDA Comments

Celebs even chimed in and stated they were disappointed. Jessica “Judy” Harris-Dupart of Kaleidoscope expressed:

I was really hoping this is gonna turn around for her and that she was going to take two steps back and really do her due diligence in business and bring it back to market properly. It’s truly sad to see such an opportunity of an extravagant viral moment gone downhill. A lot of us were rooting for you.

Raynell “Supa Cent” Stewart of Crayon Case chimed in and asked:

But at first she said she was waiting for it be FDA approved. What changed?

YouTuber, Quentin “Funky Dineva” Latham added:

This is where you need a publicist!! Poor girl

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