Social Media Calls For Release Of Maryland Day Care Owner Who Shot Husband Over Child Mo’lestation Allegations

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Kidz Kastle is reportedly closed pending investigation into the sh’ooting. The day care center has been serving the Owings Mills community since 2005, with a mission statement reading:

Our Program philosophy at (KKCDC) embodies a strong sense of community of partnering with parents and guardians to raise happy, healthy children. Our open door policy encourages parents to participate in their child’s educational experience.

The center’s website lists Shanteari Weems as the owner and operator with a “strong and determined” approach to daycare.

With a structured staff, love and good character, Mrs. Weems leads the charge of the future generation at Kidz Kastle CDC!”

The investigation into this incident is still ongoing.

Source/Credits for the news: The Shade Room

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