Sisters Kim, Khloe Kardashian twin in black bikinis. Check out their photo

Washington [US11 July (ANI): Reality celebrity Kim Kardashian and her younger sister Khloe Kardashian have a great time at Turks and Caicos and the evidence is their stunning photos of the beach.

On Instagram, Kim dropped a series of photos that show what she did to celebrate Khloe’s birthday.

In the pictures they are seen in a photo shoot with each other against the blue water. They look stunning wearing matching black bikinis.

“Khloe’s Bday Trip,” Kim captioned the photo.

The fashionable lady paired the look with stylish black sunglasses.

Kim and Khloe’s photos have left people in stupor by their beautiful beauty.

“Wow,” a netizen said.

“You guys are so so hot,” another wrote another.

Before the travel, Kim revealed that she was suffering with serious “psoriatic arthritis” after following an eating plan to get in the famous Marilyn Monroe gown during the 2022 Met Gala event.

The ‘Keeping up With The Kardashians’ star revealed that she needed to schedule appointments with “a rheumatologist” for her “psoriasis”, adding that she was prescribed “steroids”, reported People magazine.”Psoriasis flared up on my body and I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. As a result, I was unable to control my hand. I needed to see an rheumatologist and was put on an steroid. I was frightened. I cut the meat once more, and the situation has calmed down.” Kim said. Kim.

In her interview regarding the Met Gala prep-up, the Kardashian admitted that she had been on strict diet, free of sugar or carbohydrates for three weeks, so that her Marilyn Monroe dress fitted her perfect, as reported by People magazine. (ANI)

Source: ANI

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