10 Most Probable Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Be Over You

In today’s fake world, people have begun self-sabotaging their relationships to “protect” themselves from a greater heartbreak. These anxious little lovers aren’t over you and might never be over you but shall pretend to be over you until they begin believing themselves someday. However, there are going to be several subtle signs your ex is miserable without you, which you might have been ignoring all this while. But since you’re the one googling Signs your ex is pretending to be over you, are you sure you are over your ex?

I apologize for the personal attack, but this article might make you rethink your feelings for your ex since I’m going to be spitting straight-up brutal facts. I recommend you to keep a box of tissues near you cause the bitter truth you’re about to read might hurt more than your break up.

Here are few signs your ex is pretending to be over you:

1. They suddenly move to a different city

ex boyfriend with someone else

Several people like to boast about how much they’ve shattered their ex’s life by saying things like, “oh, my ex is miserable without me.”Some find it cool I find it heartless because Imagine leaving someone soo miserable that they choose to move away.

Someone who’s failed to get over you after taking all the extreme traditional measures to do so might eventually resort to moving out of the city. Remember how most people in the movies say, “There’s nothing left for me here now” before they leave? Some end up doing so in reality.

 If your ex has moved to a different city or country out of the blue, then the possibilities are they are running away from their feelings which they’ll be forced to face here. People tend to relate moving away with new beginnings. If your ex has taken such a step and you have no intentions to get back whatsoever, it’s best to let them be. Don’t even text them goodbye because it might make them feel like you could still want them back. 

2. They force you to revisit your breakup


Does your ex still text you about your break up, attempting to understand what exactly went wrong? This could be one of many signs your ex will eventually come back. He/She keeps bothering you with these breakup talks because they are trying to navigate through it themselves. While they claim to just want to understand what went wrong, the “How can I fix it?” is silent. They might even joke about how your breakup was silly, which is a subtle hint to wanting to get back together. If they keep explaining the break up often, then they are probably hoping to make you believe that it shouldn’t have happened. These are clear signs your ex is pretending to be over you.

In such a case, think about it thoroughly, and if you think it’s worth giving another shot, then go for it. Else, block that human out of your life as you’ve got better things to do, like binge-watching a show on Netflix, perhaps.

3. Indirect posts on social media

ex boyfriend posting on social media

Usually, after a breakup, one might tend to post several indirect messages to their exes in the form of quotes or songs. If your ex has begun posting random sad quotes about love or songs about how love is bullshit, then it’s one of the many signs your ex is trying to get your attention. Your ex might even post relatable memes about your breakup. Text him right away if you feel like you still have feelings for him. Don’t settle for the songs and quotes, though; they are just subtle forms of emotional blackmail. In case your ex is an artist, I would recommend you not to read into it much as every artist writes from personal experience. Also, because these artist creatures are weird, they can be writing poems for you one day, and the next day they’d write a deep song about a dead mouse. You may never know.

4. They have several rebounds

ex girl spying on boyfriend

Your ex is going to try their best to prove to you that they’ve moved on. Often people overdo moving on by kissing a different body every day. If your ex has been getting into too many short-term relationships since your breakup, then they’re trying to fool themselves and you that they are completely done with you and don’t have any feelings towards you whatsoever. You might wonder if these are signs your ex-girlfriend regrets dumping you, and guess what, you’re absolutely right! Your friends might say you dodged a bullet by escaping from the arms of a potential player, but little do they know that you are the one who created the player.

5. Several Drunk Calls

drunk man thinking about ex

Is your ex a total jerk to you when he’s sober but is somehow extremely emotional when he’s drunk? Then it’s probably a sign he is pretending to be over you. To be completely honest with you, these drunk calls are going to come in several phases. In the first few calls, he’s going to express all his feelings for you; he might be apologetic and might even end up tearing up. These depressed calls are usually followed up by a bunch of abusive calls where he’s going to be soo pissed at you for not wanting him back that he’s going to sound like the prettiest person you’ve ever come across. If you feel like you’ve heard enough, then block them right away. However, remember that alcohol makes a human vomit the truth out. This is one of the many signs your ex is pretending to be over you.

Are you still attending his drunk calls? If yes, then you probably have some unfinished business with him, which you should try to resolve by talking to the lad when he’s all sobered up. I’m not suggesting that you aren’t over him yet, but if you are dealing with his bullshit when you really don’t have to, then it’s something worth re-considering.

6. Tries to keep the conversation going

ex girl crying over broken relationship

People who have fallen out of love with you show no interest in your life and won’t respond to almost any of your texts. Chances are, they’ll read your text from the notification and ignore them right away. But, if your ex can come up with replies to even your driest texts, then it’s one of the major signs your ex is pretending to be over you. They are going to try their level best to keep the conversation going.No matter how boring the conversation is, your ex is going to keep it going by fueling it with instant replies just because they want to talk to you a little longer. While their replies to boring texts like “k” mean they want to keep the conversation going, their fast replies indicate that they are elated to receive your texts and are making you aware of it subtly.

They do this in the hopes that they’ll be able to rekindle the spark and get back together with you.

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7. Your ex envies you

girl getting calls from ex

This is one of the rather tricky signs your ex is pretending to be over you. There’s an age-old saying that “people get jealous of things that they cant have.” Usually, an ex may start acting out, out when he/she finds out that you’ve moved on and are in a healthy, happy relationship. They might send you harsh texts criticizing you and few extremely emotional texts questioning you if what you had with them ever meant anything to you. People turn into this nasty, jealous monster when they see you living a life they initially thought you’d have with them. You are living their dream, and this is setting their pants on fire. However, several psychologists have argued against this by bringing up the possibility that maybe your ex is jealous of your happy life because it hurts their pride and ego. It couldn’t necessarily mean that they are still in love with you, just that they love themselves soo much that they can’t imagine someone else taking their spot.

In such situations, if you’re thinking about giving your ex another chance, I would like you to throw such a thought right into the garbage can because your ex is probably pure garbage and doesn’t really deserve to be recycled by any means.

8. Their new lover resembles you

cheating on twins

All of us have a type, and we usually date within the standards we’ve set for ourselves. It could be a certain personality trait, looks, or shape. There’s absolutely no shame in sticking to your type by dating only those people who adhere to your weird taste. However, some people can find the exact carbon copy of their ex and go on to date this carbon copy. The resemblance can sometimes be straight up soo uncanny that it’s going to make you believe that How I net your Mother didn’t lie about one having exactly six look-alikes!

Before we go any further, answer the following questions:

Does your ex’s new lover look like you? Do they talk like you? Do they have an extremely similar personality as yours? Or is it all of the above? If yes, then congratulations, you’ve found your doppelganger! 

Your ex dating someone who is basically you is just one of the signs your ex is miserable without you. They are trying to find comfort in the arms of someone who is sort of like you because they are still struggling to accept the fact that they don’t have you anymore.

If you are interested in taking such an ex back, then you don’t really have to do anything; hopefully, they will eventually come to their senses and realize that they aren’t really over you and will make the first move themselves.

9. Your ex’s new lover hates you

ex boyfriend with new love

While it’s natural for the present lover to hate the previous ones, the hate you get from this particular one is on a whole new level. Why? Simply because he/she notices that they are not 100% over you yet and see you as a threat to their relationship. You might just graze over the hate your receiving from their latest love interest by imagining them to be of the jealous kind, but in reality, they notice the way your ex’s face just lights up the moment when one of their friends mentions your name. Their new lover, who is now in your spot, is going to strive to do better than you and tend to hate you only when they see you as a potential threat to their relationship. 

Now how do you know that they hate on you? It’s really easy to notice. They talk ill about you with your ex-lover’s friends, and you are aware of it since your ex’s friends are still friends with you and respect you. They are extra conscious and touchy with your ex and when you are around. They kinda look like they are “marking their territory” when they don’t want you around your ex. Such situations indicate signs your ex is pretending to be over you.

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10. He’s still in touch with your friends

girl watching her ex talking with others

While in a divorce, the couple may split custody of their kids and property; during a break up you split custody of your friends. Meaning your friends are typically expected to not contact your ex and vice versa. However, your ex may choose to be in touch with your friends just to check up on you. He might even be able to open up about his feelings for you with your friends, attempting to gain their help in winning you over again! If he is begging your friends for help, then it’s a definite sign he knows he messed up!

Wouldn’t life be easier if we could just read minds? You surely wouldn’t need an article like this to help you understand if your ex is really over you or just pretending to have moved on. However, I plead you to think rationally before making any unrealistic assumptions about your Romeo or Juliet wanting you back, as, in real life, people are hella weird. Although this could easily be one of the many signs your ex is pretending to be over you, there’s a huge possibility that they could just have been doing all the above-mentioned things just because they’re psycho.

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