11 Probable Signs That He Loves The Other Woman

As hurtful as it sounds, we cannot control who we love. Neither can the person we love control who they love. It is just an idea that we assume in our head that the partner we chose for ourselves will stay till ‘death do us apart’. But that’s not true.

The reason why you searched for the signs that he loves the other woman is probably because you are going through it. You must notice there is no more spark, or morning kisses before heading out to work. It is another reason why you must be preparing yourself in the head about what’s to come. The choices, the mistakes, regret and unexpected betrayal, everything comes following.

Signs that he loves the other woman more than you:

If you are here reading this, you are already on the verge of breaking down to your partner about his betrayal. But before you do, confirming the red flags as witnessed is very important.

Here are a few signs that he loves the other woman,

1. He gets defensive when you ask him simple questions

man getting defensive in argument

Asking simple questions or answering them in the beginning gave you butterflies. You had this crazy idea of getting married to him and so did he. Now that you are married and everything was fine until one day you noticed he was no more giving you answers neither asking the questions. It has become more of his choices, his life. You don’t fit in it anymore and if you try to, you are being too nosy (that’s what he thinks).

If he gets defensive when you ask him the simplest question about where he was at late night, there’s another woman in his life. He is getting more interested in her and probably be asking her the same questions that he asked you in the beginning.

2. His friends act differently around you

Friends know everything, about his whereabouts, his relationships with colleagues and his charisma around you. If you ask his friends how were they, there will be silence or awkwardness in the air. There are no more high fives coming your way once you say something funny.

His closest friends want to stay loyal to his secrets and probably won’t tell you anything. If not him, his friends will not meet you the same way that they did before. Maybe the other woman has attracted their friendship more than you.

Sometimes it’s the guilty conscience. It is the delinquency of not being a good friend to you. One of them might even get up and try to tell you the truth but it’s a planned game to let you know of the truth.

3. He mentions her at random times

It might be a colleague or a married woman you met on the outskirts of town while you two were dating. He will probably finds her attractive and thought about reaching out to her through social media.

Sometimes it’s a three year long girlfriend who got along with him but some career decisions made them stop right there. Now she is back for him. The signs that he loves the other woman might not be the too obvious for him but he shows them unintentionally and mentions her in his conversation with you like

‘Look what she posted! That’s her puppy. They both look so cute’

‘How come I wasn’t invited to a party she was at?’

You must be noticing this and try confronting the issue with him. But he doesn’t liberate you with an answer. He might gaslight your temperament with the answers. There will be no proper answer, just a ‘you are imagining things’.

4. He’s on his phone all the time

man looking in his phone

Phone, social media and calls are the fastest way of connecting with someone overseas or a person who lives right beside you. If he is on his phone all the time, sneaky and peaky, there is definitely he is hiding something. His friends are loyal to him, his social media isn’t. Try looking for answers on his social media.

Loving other woman means giving her time and care. He tries making her feel comfortable through the phone. There are long texts being sent, smiles while sending a message and he doesn’t bother replying to you in face to face conversations.

5. He doesn’t let you near his phone

 If he doesn’t let you near his phone, it is one of the signs that he loves the other woman. He has something to hide. Apart from throwing his guilty conscience on you, he is trying to hide it from you. His phone has a changed passcode and if asked for it, he won’t give it right away.

That’s when the fights come following between. Sometimes he wants to keep you and the other woman. But if given the choice, he will choose the other woman. Men want to have new experiences. He will get/getting it from the other woman. The excitement to feel something new is getting him to continue doing what he is. But he isn’t sure if it will work out long term like it has been with you. That’s the reason he is hiding it from you.

6. He avoids eye contact

man woman avoiding eye contact

There is no more eye contact with you. Getting into bed like strangers and getting out to work appears like a forceful relationship. He doesn’t want to have anything do with you. Sometimes he has no idea how his procuring actions are failing his girlfriend.

He is avoiding eye contact with you. There is no more spark or shine in his eyes when he woke up in the morning right next to you. There is lost charisma and his guilty conscious doesn’t let him get close to you.

7. He constantly locks eyes with her

If the eyes aren’t yours, he is locking his eyes with someone else. Spiritually, eyes say a lot about a person. If you ask him to make an eye contact with you, he can’t. At the same time, he cannot keep his eyes off of her. Now he finds her more attractive and better suited than you.

Eye contact doesn’t mean something intimate has happened between them while you two were dating. But it definitely shoes he is attracted to her and has feelings. He may have the latter for you. But now there is no more potential cause to lock eyes with you because his eyes are busy locking with another woman’s. It hurts but that the truth and the quicker you accept it, the better it is.

8. When you’re together, you always sense he’d rather be somewhere else

When you finally take him out on his favorite spot, he cannot stop but think about someone else. His mind isn’t focused on the ‘now’ but what would be happening if he was with his friends.

They might be watching the important soccer game of the season. Moreover, he has lost focus as well as interest in what you do all day or how you survived throughout the day. His focus, interest is somewhere else and sadly it’s not about you, it’s about another woman, he has fallen in love with.

9. He has stopped posting photos with you on social media

You were his happy go-to place and his social media was full of pictures with you. Now it’s about him showing people he is single again. One of the signs that he loves the other woman is he has added her everywhere, commented on every photo of her and blocked you from her social media.

His social media is showing posts about love but you aren’t tagged in those photos. Nobody else is but you know something sneaky is going on when a girl posts hearts on his pictures.

10. He avoids going out with you in public

He doesn’t want to be linked with you, let alone seen with you in public. The relationship has seen a downside and now he wants more to do with her than you. He has late night meetings in his office whenever you plan something. His calls are busy when you call him from another city.

He doesn’t want to be seen with you in the public. He has some other girl on his mind and that’s not you. He is dreaming about her and cannot/doesn’t hide it from you.

11. He has no more spark with you

man avoiding his wife

When two personalities click, there is a spark between them. I am not talking about the exploding bombs or sparkling sticks. His spark has found a new matchstick. The butterflies you got whenever you two met, he doesn’t get that. His excitement has vanished and his love has hit ground drastically.

Why does it happen?

The signs that he loves the other woman are unexpected. Sometimes there is more to the story. Maybe he loved you to move on from someone else and now they are back together. Other times, men want to experience new things. They want to know how it feels to have another woman fall in love with them. The charisma, excitement and the potentiality to accept the reality reaches sky.

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