10 Clear Signs He is Fighting His Feelings For You

Are someone’s words romantically still echoing in your head?

Are you getting the signs he is fighting his feelings for you?

Are you still feeling that the stares that made your heart skip when he secretly looked at you?

When people say that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, they say true. Men would always be a little reluctant to express their feelings for you, but they would secretly leave the clues for you.

So gorgeous ladies, you have to give attention to the clues lying around. Does this feel complicated? It should not.

Here you go to know for the signs he is fighting his feelings for you:

1. He notices little details about you

You might not have remembered that you wore a pink dress last week, but he recalls it. He notices that you love a Cappuccino instead of a latte. He knows your favorite color and flowers. He is also aware of the fact that you hate dogs, but love cats as a pet. A man, in general, does not pay much attention to the details. If he is noticing, probably he is giving a sign that he is fighting his feelings for you.

2. He tries to come closer to you

asian man touching cheeks of a girl

Be it any situation, he won’t leave a chance to come closer with you.

The instances can be like-

· He would touch your cheeks and say, “You are glowing today.”
· In a situation when both of you are going to the college, he randomly takes your bag from the shoulder and says, “I can carry it for you.”
· If your hair strand is coming to your face and annoying you, he softly tucks it behind your ear.
· He accidentally touches you and then blushes sweetly.

3. He asks personal questions from you

Girls, when the guys are asking personal questions, they are leaving a hint that they are sort of interested in you. Think twice when a guy wants to know these from you-

· Do you have a boyfriend?
· How do you spend your spare time?
· Have you ever been on a date?
· Who is a ‘nice guy’ to you?
· Which is your favorite movie or do you like to watch movies?

A guy asking these questions seems deeply interested to know about your life. Do not limit yourself to these questions; understand the cues and their body language too. They may also ask, “What are your hobbies?”, “Do you live with your family?” etc.

4. He is trying to impress you

man trying to impress woman

This could be one of the signs he is fighting his feelings for you. You are blushing, right?

Let’s say a friend of that guy has challenged him for flexing competition in front of you. Now, this would increase his testosterone levels and he would go an extra mile to show his physical strength. Don’t girls like a guy with muscle power and body strength? Indeed, they do.

They will have an adrenaline rush to catch your attention. They won’t mind getting indulged in adventurous activities like rash driving. Except for this, they won’t leave a chance to impress you with their words. He would try to show that he is assertive. If people are discussing something in the group and two of you are together, he would interrupt in the middle of a conversation. This might look rude, but he is simply trying to seek attention from you.

5. He looks at you when you say something

He can’t take his eyes off when you say something because he adores you. He feels fascinated by whatever you say. He notices your lips movement too. Take it as a cue that he finds you attractive, so he can’t take his eyes off you for long. It is quite usual for men to not express their feelings. A guy would hesitate to tell you that he finds you attractive. This is how the guys they have been wired.

He debates with himself that whether he should express his emotions to you or not. He is thinking if he can take a courageous step to speak with you, but at the next moment, he stops himself. He rationalizes. While looking at you, he might feel mesmerized by your beauty and compliment you.

6. He gets protective about you now and then

This is a common sign when he is fighting his feelings for you. After all, he adores you. He would go the extra mile to support you morally. He would never want you to feel hurt or regret over a decision. He will do everything to keep you feel protected by all his efforts. Whenever you are feeling bad, he would extend his constructive piece of advice.

He would listen to you attentively so that you feel relaxed and confident about yourself. He would never leave you alone in an uncomfortable situation. If you are going home in the night, he would ask if he can drop you at the home. If he is escorting you, it is a sure shot sign that he is interested.

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7. He shares his details with you

Is the guy telling you what he likes or dislikes? If yes, he adores you and likes to enjoy moments with you. Then guys are extra cautious about sharing their details and secrets. When they have deep feelings for someone, they might share with that person.

He might sometimes share his things with you; he deeply wishes to have you in his life. He trusts you significantly and seeks comfort and understanding from you. Isn’t a sign that he is fighting his feeling for you?

When a guy shares his personal things with you and reciprocates the feeling, you handle the mutual conversation with care and trust, the bond develops between both of you.

8. He remembers the things which you have told him

Does he know that you love orchids and donuts? Sometimes he reminds you of something which you had said a few days ago and you don’t even remember that. He even notices if you are getting mood swings and cares for you more in such situations. Sometimes he does not fail to surprise you with the random details which you had mentioned a week back. These are the most common signs a man shows when he is interested in you.

You might have shared something on social media about your favorite things and he buys it for you. Girl, who are you waiting for? He is one you need. Do not let him go. Observe the cues.

9. He shows signs of jealousy

jealous man

Since the two of you are not into any relationship, he won’t show the signs of jealousy directly. If another guy steps into the scene, he would get frustrated or angry. Although he won’t be able to say against the other guy, you can notice that it bothers him. He hates when you are with another guy.

It boils his blood when any other man approaches you and it makes him very uncomfortable. He would indirectly ask, “Why was that guy talking to you?” You might notice that at such a moment he turns green with envy. Even when you mention something good about your colleague and if he shows signs of restlessness, it is a clear sign that he is fighting his feeling for you.

10. He wants to look attractive in front of you

When you see him, do you feel that he got all dressed up for you? If he appears well-dressed in front of you, certainly he is trying to win your heart. Usually, you have always noticed him with shabby clothes and messy hair, but when he is with you, he tries to carry himself quite well.

The moment he notices that you are around, he tries to readjust his attire or overall look. Simply, he dresses to impress you. Guys know that girls do not like the shabbily dressed-up men. They put an extra effort to make you feel good about them. Probably they will come up with fancy cologne too!

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Girls are already blessed up with good observational skills. They are born with the characteristic to understand other’s intentions. If you are a woman reading this, it must be far easier for you to assess if a guy is fighting his feelings for you. If a guy is not saying about his emotions to you directly, his behavior would certainly give some hint. His body language would also change.

In many cases, guys are not ready for any relationship. The reason can be anything; he might have got hurt in the past. He is fearful about the heartbreak and he does not want to be vulnerable again. The men tend to hide their emotions and rationalize. But you know what? Love can change everything. You already know what it means when you have such a guy in your life. Draw him closer and tell him that you are interested too.

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