Shaquille O’Neal Saw A Kid Upset Because He Couldn’t Buy Shoes, So He Took His Family And Bought Him 2 Pairs Of Shoes

Shaquille O’Neal is, without a doubt, one of the most generous sporting personalities in history. Shaq has earned a lot of money across his career, but he is not at all shy when it comes to sharing his fortunes with others, especially the less fortunate. And his latest act of generosity toward one young fan is yet another example of why Shaq is one of the nicest people in the world.

Shaquille O’Neal was at a shoe store, where he spotted a young kid upset with his parents for not being able to get him shoes. Shaq told the kid to apologize to his dad, before asking whether he wanted to buy some shoes. O’Neal then generously took the young fan into the store and bought him 2 pairs of shoes.

Shaq’s generosity knows no bounds. He recently gifted several PS5s and Nintendo Switches to underprivileged children. On top of that, he once also gifted a restaurant server $4000 just because they asked for it. No one can deny just how giving Shaquille O’Neal is.

O’Neal has explained his own generosity, saying that while he may be wealthier than most people in the world, that doesn’t make him a better person. And he also tries to teach his children the value of money, reminding them that his money is not theirs to blow and that they should work hard to earn money themselves.

Shaq has gone out of his way to try and help the less fortunate. He once explained how he declined a $40 million shoe contract by Reebok to make more affordable shoes. Shaq stated that he felt bad charging close to $200 for shoes from families that might not be able to afford them. There is no denying; Shaq is for the people.

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