Shaquille O’Neal buys a 13-year-old shoes worth $6843 after his mother posted a plea on social media

Shaquille O’Neal’s generosity knows no bounds, so when a mother posted a plea about her son not being able to buy size 18 shoes, he obliged.

We know that Shaq is unlike most athletes that we have seen, he loves giving back. So much so that he often gets a lot of plaudits for being one of the more generous athletes.

This is not to disparage the worth of other athletes but rather to highlight the fact that O’Neal does so much for the community and remains a beacon of goodwill.

So, this time we cover a story of how a mother in Atlanta posted a plea on social media about how she was unable to buy the size 18 shoes that her son needed.

Of course, Shaq heard it and he came to the rescue. He is not one to shy away from charity and how the Big Diesel relates to the story is all the more wholesome!

Shaquille O’Neal cannot stop caring for people, and buys a 13-year-old 1o pairs of shoes, worth $6800!
There is generosity and there is Shaquille O’Neal. Instead of just helping out the single mother and child as a pair, he decided to pitch in for

Instead of just chipping in with one shoe, he went out and brought 10 pairs for the kid. While he had abnormally large feet, a size 18, in fact, the Lakers legend knew exactly where to get them.

A shop that also gave Shaq a free pair, so, in kindness, Shaquille always buys shoes from the same store. This time, he splurged on $6843 and he also said he would pay for the kid’s suit.

Why did he do so? According to Shaq the reason, the kid’s mother reminded him of his own mother. A struggling single mom trying to get her son everything.

Shaq felt the connection on a personal level and did not hesitate to help them out. Talk about a big heart. Sometimes his kindness reminds us to be like that every day, you never know what someone is going through.

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