Serena Williams’ Daughter Olympia Drinks Water in a Blue Tennis Dress Amid Her Training (Photo)

Olympia Ohanian, daughter of famous American tennis player Serena Williams, looked adorable as she drank water in a blue tutu. The cute snapshot was taken in the middle of the little girl’s tennis training.

Olympia Ohanian is proving to be more than just a cute face. The little girl who is the daughter of the famous tennis star Serena Williams is clearly on the path to stardom as she is being trained to follow in her mother’s legendary footsteps.

The 3-year-old was seen in a recent photo drinking water from a bottle in the middle of tennis training. She was clad in an adorable blue tennis tutu as she sat down on a bench for a water break.

She had her short dark curls packed up into a messy bun and propped one hand on her knee as she satisfied her thirst. Her sports gear was completed with a white pair of training shoes and white socks.

Next to her leg was an adorable miniature tennis player doll, fully clad in tennis attire with six tennis balls in hand. The doll named Qai Qai happens to be Olympia’s favorite toy.

Olympia officially started tennis lessons late last month after her mother enrolled her with a tennis coach, much to the world’s excitement. Williams shared the news with her followers through a post on her Instagram story.

The video documented Olympia’s first day and showed the proud mother dropping her off. She also flaunted the tennis racket her daughter would be using, which was similar to hers.

In September, a wholesome video of Olympia enthusiastically cheering her mother on during her game at the US Open became an internet sensation.

Earlier this month, the tennis star went on to post a sweet photo of the little girl in the middle of training. She was clad in a bright red tennis dress and matching headband with a bow tie. She also wore white sneakers and had her hair packed into a tiny bun.

In her hand was a huge tennis racket with a net to help Olympia catch the balls instead of throwing them back. Unsurprisingly, her doll Qai Qai was also in the picture frame, clad in full tennis attire with racket in hand.

Despite their apparent shared interest in tennis, Williams and her daughter have been known to share a tight bond. In several posts on social media, the pair are always seen sharing sweet moments, be it on or off the court.

In September, a wholesome video of Olympia enthusiastically cheering her mother on during her game at the US Open became an internet sensation. Her open adoration for her mother warmed the hearts of the viewers.

Last month, Williams also posted a heartwarming photo of her and her daughter dressed in matching swimwear with capes. Prior to that, she has shared several pictures of both of them wearing similar outfits as they played dress-up together.

The tennis star has been very vocal about her love and devotion as a mother to her little princess. She has also taken it upon herself to imbibe in her daughter the best of values. Clearly, she intends to raise not just a tennis prodigy but also a morally upright young lady.

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