See Todd Chrisley’s Sweet Tribute to Mama Nanny Faye on Her 76th Birthday

All the drama in the Chrisley household might make Nanny Faye need a mimosa every now and then, but her son Todd made sure to let her know that he loves her “to the moon and back” as she turned 76.

Nanny Faye became a fan favorite as the seasons of “Chrisley Knows Best” went by. Often involved in the family drama and never shy to speak her mind, it’s become evident why her family and fans adore her so much.

With Nanny Faye celebrating her 76th birthday, Todd Chrisley took to social media to show his mom some love and appreciation.


Todd posted a slideshow of two pictures taken with Nanny Faye and expressed his love for her, even though he felt at a loss of words to fully describe how he felt.

“You have been with me since my first breath and have always given me everything I needed to survive this crazy nasty world that we live in, to the moon and back, and then beyond infinity, I love you,” Todd wrote.


23-year-old Savannah Chrisley adores her grandmother, and it showed in the heartfelt tribute she shared on social media.

While Savannah called Nanny Faye “one of the greatest women” she’s ever known, she also added a little bit of humor as the reality star wrote:

“Nanny has a heart like I’ve never seen before. She may also butcher the English language but she sure does give some of the best advice.”


When Nanny Faye turned 75 last year, Todd called his mother the light that always guided their family through troubling times.

To the reality star, his mother is the epitome of a “real” woman and is thankful for the strength and perseverance she passed down to them.

Todd’s son Kyle Chrisley also shares the same perspective about Nanny Faye, as he also made his feelings known in a heartfelt tribute to her in celebration of her birthday.

Kyle mostly stayed out of the spotlight in recent months, and apart from sharing the love he feels for Nanny Faye on social media, he’s been fairly quiet. He last posted to Instagram in July, when he gushed about his daughter Chloe, who lives with Todd and his wife, Julie Chrisley.

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