See the Sweet Video Ayesha Curry Recorded with Her 3 Kids for Husband Stephen at Christmas

Basketball player Steph Curry’s wife, Ayesha, recently warmed the hearts of her fans and followers with the most beautiful and love-filled video recorded with her three kids as a Christmas message to him.
No basketballs, no hoops, no courts — just a lot of love enough to fill the heart of a grown man. Steph Curry’s wife, Ayesha, recently melted hearts with the most adorable Christmas video. She shared it on Instagram with the caption:

“We recorded a Christmas Day Game video for @stephencurry30 last week and definitely had to do it like 20 times… CANON JACK!!”

The hilarious video started out with the beautiful momma bear, Ayesha, sitting on a pristine white couch with her three kids with Steph, 8-year-old Riley, 5-year-old Ryan, and 2-year-old Canon.
The group of four were all dressed in matching black and white checked pajamas looking as amazing as ever. Ayesha looked absolutely stunning with her perfectly styled dark hair and bold red lip.

The girls had their hair styled in braids while little Canon was proudly rocking his golden brown afro. In the video, they happily shouted “Merry Christmas, daddy,” but thanks to Canon, who said “wee wee” instead of daddy, they needed a retake.

Steph must have undoubtedly laughed —and probably cried — at how perfectly imperfect the love-filled video was. Ayesha’s fans and followers were beyond amused and touched by the recording and took turns laughing in the comments.

Having been in quarantine as a family, Ayesha has been doing her best to make quarantine with the kids as productive…

While Ayesha and Steph’s girls, Riley and Ryan, may not be entirely excited to admit it, their younger brother, Canon, definitely exudes main character energy. Both of their parents’ fans and followers are no strangers to his amusing personality.

Just days before Christmas, the adorable 2-year-old made fans laugh yet again with another video of him rapping. On December 20, Ayesha shared a clip of her caring to her toddler while he sang and rapped along to the beat of a funky Christmas song. She wrote:

“Happy Holidays” from Canon Jack! ?”

Having been in quarantine as a family, Ayesha has been doing her best to make quarantine with the kids as productive and fun as possible.

The 31-year-old mother-of-three might be great at many things, but as she revealed in September, homeschooling her kids is not her forte. The cookbook author shared that her husband, Steph, stepped in with educating and their schooling.

The husband and wife clearly run a working dynamic to make sure that the family is happy. Ayesha and Steph have come a long way since their love story started years ago when they were teenagers.

The lovebirds tied the knot in 2011 after dating for a couple of years. They were both young at the time, and not many believed that they would last, including actress Gabrielle Union, who, according to Ayesha, advised them to explore or see other people.

Thankfully, neither of them took that advice, and today, they are better off for it. They sure do make a perfect family, even though some people cannot seem to tell the difference between daddy and “wee wee” just yet.

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