Samuel L. Jackson & His Wife of 40 Years Praised for Looking Beautiful in Matching Sunglasses Posing on Yacht

Samuel L. Jackson and his wife are proof that celebrity marriages can last forever. The couple became an internet sensation after they posed in matching sunglasses on a yacht. Here are fans’ comments.

Hollywood legend Samuel L. Jackson has one of the most celebrated love stories that spanned for decades in the history of entertainers. Despite being a celebrity, he has managed to prioritize his family values through the years.

The actor has never been in the gossip mill for controversial situations or scandals concerning his private life. Samuel is married to an understanding career woman known as LaTanya Jackson.

She is an actress who is also conscious of keeping their business private and focused on igniting the fire in their marriage irrespective of their ages.

These two engage in different activities together, including stepping out to red carpet events and heading to different travel destinations while enjoying each other’s company. LaTanya often shares these special moments on social media.


It appeared that Samuel and his wife had one of their memorable weekends recently as they posed on a yacht, standing next to each other. The power couple dressed in summer getaway outfits and twinned with their similar animal framed transparent glasses.

The actor wore a sleeveless gray shirt with nude pants and matched it with a cloth hat. He leaned forward, standing with one hand on his waist, close to his leading woman.

LaTanya donned a white button-down outfit, a nude beach hat, a stylish bag, and glittering jewelry pieces. Via the caption, the actor’s wife confidently approved their matching sunglasses as she quipped:

“We think we are SO COOL in our Elisa Johnson Sunglasses.”


Within minutes, the post received tons of likes, as fans clicked on the like button and further added comments corroborating LaTanya’s stand on being super cool. One person said:

“You guys look great.”


LaTanya and Samuel were University students at different Atlanta universities when they met. After striking a connection as friends, they began dating.

Ten years later, they exchanged their vows in an intimate wedding ceremony, with LaTanya rocking a classic white satin dress, loosely fitted with puffy sleeves and an extended neckline for the event.

On the other hand, Samuel rocked a white shirt to match his bride and accessorized it with a single rose flower. More than thirty years later, the actor shared snaps detailing their marriage ceremony and celebrating his wife for being a true soulmate.


More than once, the “Avengers: Endgame” actor has proven to have more than enough game up his sleeves when it comes to matters of the heart.

When the couple marked their forty years of marriage, Samuel went online to share a tribute to the big day while celebrating their successful marriage.

The Hollywood celebrity plastered a montage of throwback snaps online and penned down a captivating message detailing their journey that began fifty years ago. He explained that they were lovers longer than they were a married couple.

According to him, what has helped keep their relationship balanced is that they have taken turns leading when necessary and have decided to work as a team inseparably.


In 2018, LaTanya gave up a few tips for a happy marriage; she stated that it involved having a big heart, choosing to stay together, and bringing God into the union.

A few months later, shortly before they celebrated their 40th anniversary, the actor added that the secret to their success as a couple is having love and understanding for each other.

Samuel revealed that no matter where their career takes them, they respect each other well enough to want to get back home and bond as a family. This way, they have remained connected for many years.


Every anniversary is celebrated with the kindest and sweetest words from the duo. However, when recounting a few details about their early years, Samuel does not know the facts.

During an interview on the “GNS” show, the actor was asked to talk about his proposal to his wife, and he admitted that it was a story he could not remember.

His wife explained that he proposed after she asked him to speed up their marriage plans because her granddad wanted to be alive to walk her down the aisle.


Apart from being the wife to the famous actor and mother to his only child, Zoe Jackson, LaTanya is an actress with a few trophies to her name.

LaTanya has featured in a few productions like “The Fighting Temptations,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and won an award for her role in the Broadway play “A Raisin in the Sun.”

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