Russell Simmons’ Teen Daughter Posts Skimpy Bikini Photos & He Quickly Puts Her In Check

Ming Lee Simmons, the daughter of Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee Simmons, comes from a pretty liberal parental structure. Her Pops is largely responsible for transforming hip hop into a multi-billion dollar industry, during a time when the world was telling the Def Jam mogul that hip hop wasn’t even art. Ming Lee’s mother has held her own in the world of fashion, as a top model and fashion brand owner. So when it comes to women expressing their femininity, sensuality, and brains- both Russell and Kimora fall on the liberal side of the fence, understandably so.

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 13: Ming Lee Simmons (L) and designer Kimora Lee Simmons attend the Kimora Lee Simmons Presentation during New York Fashion Week at The Bowery Hotel on September 13, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Desiree Navarro/WireImage)

However, even the most liberal parent can have that line in the sand that they’re kids know they BETT’ NOT ever cross. That insightful thought brings us to little Ms. Ming Lee and her new Instagram flexin’ she’s been doing lately. Ming is a beautiful young lady, but she is still a minor at 17 years old.

Simmons’ Daughter’s Skimpy Photo Session (swipe)

The 17 year old posted pics of herself (shown above, swipe left), posing in a skimpy two piece bikini, holding a glass filled with some type of white liquid and had everybody going ‘Whaaaat?!!’ Included in that collective ‘Whaaaat?!!,’ was her Pops (60).

Russell Reacts
Russell Simmons is open-minded when it comes to allowing his kids to express themselves, but he’s still a daddy to his children, who did not hesitate to remind Ming Lee of just that. After checkin’ out his daughter’s Instagram photo, Russell hopped into her comments to leave a short, yet potent message for her:

“That better be almond milk!!!”

Russell, a vegan, wasn’t checkin’ his daughter over whether or not she’s drinking cow’s milk out of that glass she was holding…nah not at all. Nor was he trippin’ over her bikini photo shoot, because again, he’s accustomed to being in industries where women freely express their sensuality all the time- in hip hop videos, magazine spreads, behind the scenes of the modeling world, etc.. His line in the sand though, is making sure his 17 year old daughter stays the hell away from alcohol and drugs.

With all of the chit chatter and claims surrounding Russell’s name at this time, one thing is still clear: he’s never stopped being a father to his children. And even though Ming Lee may (or may not) be hella embarrassed by her Pops checkin’ her in front of the world like this, pretty sure her and her lil’ sister, Aoki Lee, will one day come to cherish those times.

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