Ron Isley and His 35 Years Younger Wife Have Been Happily Married for 14 Years & Have Handsome Son

Singer and record producer Ron Isley, best known as the lead singer and founding member of the Isley Brothers, is married to a woman 35 years younger than him.

The “Go All the Way” singer, who was married to R&B great Angela Winbush for almost a decade, found the love again in his background singer, Kandy Johnson, also known for the duo Johnson Sisters.

After knowing each other for some time, the pair decided to tie the knot in September 2005. People didn’t like that relationship, though, as Kandy was 28 and Ron was 64.

Defending their relationship
That huge age gap made some of his fans believe that she was a “gold digger.” However, she defended her romance and marriage explaining why she fell in love with him.

“[Ron Isley] is a GENTLEMAN! I mean, you’re talking about romance, he puts the ‘R’ in romance… from fine dining to treating a woman like a man should, with respect. As we developed a relationship, we had a lot of things in common and Ronald… even though he’s older, he’s young at heart.”

Going to jail
Things got worse for the family soon after walking down the aisle as Ron was convicted of tax evasion charges one year later. He spent three years and one month in jail.

When Ron was sentenced, Kandy was pregnant with the couple’s only son, Ron Isley Jr. Even though knowing that the singer was in jail must have been very stressful, Kandy managed to have a healthy pregnancy, and the boy was born in December 2006.

In April 2010, Ron was finally released and, from that point on, he has been living a very good life with his family avoiding legal problems and enjoying the time with his son, who is 12 years old nowadays.

People didn’t like that relationship, though, as Kandy was 28 and Ron was 64.

Sharing photos of the boy
As most proud mothers do, Kandy has shared several photos of his son on social media proving that he is growing up to look just like his famous father. It is unclear whether the child will follow in his father’s footsteps.

Last year, Kandy uploaded a series of pictures portraying her family having a great time in the pool. The three looked like a happy family posing in the water proving that you are never too old to play with your children.

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