Rickey Smiley Reveals His Youngest Daughter Ryn Was Shot Three Times in Houston – What Happened?

Rickey Smiley shared the tragic news that his youngest daughter was shot three times in Houston. The radio host and his daughter detailed the heartbreaking experience.

During an emotional video he posted on Facebook live, Rickey Smiley explained that his daughter, Aaryn, was shot three times in Houston. He said she was on her way to get food from Whataburger when she got caught in the crossfire of a shooting.

As he prepared for his flight to be with Aaryn after her surgery, Smiley admitted that he was thankful she was alive. He revealed that other people were shot during the incident, and fortunately, there were no fatalities.

Smiley said he spoke to his daughter the morning after the shooting. “She’s just crying, she’s scared, I can’t get to her, and I just hate it,” he explained to his co-hosts on “The Rickey Smiley Show.”

Aaryn also shared a photo of her blood-stained vehicle on Instagram. She admitted that it was a terrifying experience. She wrote that she expected to have a long stay in the hospital and would not be able to walk for some time because of the nerve damage in her legs.

According to USA Today, the shooting happened on Houston’s 6898 South Freeway. The Houston Police Department confirmed that three men were wounded, along with one woman in an unrelated vehicle. The suspects have not been identified.

In a statement, they described the shooting saying, “the three men were in a vehicle at a stoplight…when an unknown vehicle passed them. The occupant(s) of the vehicle began shooting multiple times.”

Aaryn has been giving updates from her hospital bed. She revealed that she had been shot in the legs by armored rifle bullets that are intended to penetrate ballistic armor.
She expressed how grateful she was to be alive since one of the bullets that could have hit her in the head ended up lodged in the car.

When Smiley was only six-years-old, his father was shot to his death. Amid his daughter’s surgery, he shared his frustration that gun violence had affected his family again.

The radio host said that he felt disheartened and disappointed by the violence in his community. He explained that he did not want to discredit the “Black Lives Matter Movement,” but hoped that more attention would help address gun violence.

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