Remy Ma & Papoose’s Daughter Melts Hearts Posing in a Cheetah-Print Swimsuit & Ponytails

The golden child has stormed Instagram with her cuteness again as Remy Ma shared an adorable photo and video of her daughter, Reminisce MacKenzie with fans.

Remy Ma has taken to Instagram to share a photo and video of her daughter from what seemed to be a family pool time. The post was simply captioned:

“Ponytails & Pools ? #KenzieGirl#TheGoldenChild #Mac”

The first slide showed the 22-month-old standing in a shallow pool with light blue flooring. The water looked clear as two pool chairs stood to the side with charming beach towels laid on them.

The little girl wore a cheetah printed swimsuit with frills while a green and white bracelet could be seen on her little wrist. She had her curly black hair packed into four ponytails as she touched her face with her knuckles while looking back at someone.

The second slide showed a video of MacKenzie as she mumbled some words in what sounded like a question. The video was simply adorable as she moved her fingers through the water.

The family seemed to be having a bonding moment as another hand was seen behind the little girl’s in the video, just as a shadow was seen reflected in the pool in the first photo.

The doctor had told her that she would not be able to conceive.

Fans had nothing but compliments for the golden child as they raved over the post. They seemed to love everything about the little girl from her hair to her swimsuit and her body.

A certain fan said she was growing up to look like her mom while another said she was beautiful and adorable. A third fan said she reminded her of her kids when they were little.

Remy Ma and Papoose had little Reminisce MacKenzie in December 2018 through IVF after suffering a miscarriage which she revealed in 2017. The doctor had told her that she would not be able to conceive.

The rapper had to change her diet completely and lose weight in order to make the pregnancy work. She stopped eating meat and carbs while having to keep her weight down and stable for about a year.

The father of three believes the little girl is a miracle baby as the couple consistently gushes over her on their Instagram posts while showing fans that she’s definitely golden.

The cute girl who celebrated her first-year birthday with a surprise bash is already expecting a sibling as the couple announced a few months ago that they’re expecting a second child.

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