Oprah Winfrey Gave Birth at 14 & ‘Never Felt like It Was’ Her Baby

People prefer to hide their complicated past. Oprah Winfrey did the same and had not opened up about her daunting past until her half-sister disclosed it to the world. The TV mogul was devastated by her family member’s betrayal.

Television host Oprah Winfrey is a self-made billionaire with no children, but she has young females from her Academy whom she considers her “daughters.”

Here are the details about the iconic daytime TV star’s painful past, her view on having kids, and her “daughters,” who she said have enabled her to fulfill her maternal duties.

While her life has not always been easy, she has ensured that she has a giving spirit and tries to do as much as she can for those less fortunate than she.

Winfrey’s Pregnancy and Her Mother’s Decision
Winfrey fell pregnant at age fourteen and hid the pregnancy for seven months until the child was born. She shared in her “Life Class” program for OWN that she saved the unborn baby because she felt detached:

“I saved that baby because I was so disassociated and still do feel such a disassociation. I never felt like it was my baby.”

Winfrey admitted hiding the pregnancy brought her nothing but shame and that having swollen ankles and a big belly made it evident that she was expecting:

“I was so ashamed. I hid the pregnancy until my swollen ankles and belly gave me away.”

“Hiding that secret and carrying that shame blocked me in so many ways that I remember being taken to the detention home when my mother was going to put me out of the house at the age of 14,” Winfrey continued.

She talked about the overall ordeal and how it made her feel at the time and said: “The experience was the most emotional, confusing, traumatic of my young life.”

Winfrey further explained that being taken to the detention home and waiting to be processed while there, she remembered how relatives abused her from age nine.

The media mogul disclosed that she had been sexually abused at nine and ten years old, and was molested for all of those years, resulting in an unwanted pregnancy.

Luckily for her, as she sat there thinking, a woman came out and said to her and her mother, Vernita Lee, who died in November 2018, that there was no space for her there and they would have to come back in two weeks.

Young Winfrey and her mom had to leave, and she was released to go and live with her father. According to her, that was her saving grace.

Saving Grace and New Chance
After dodging a bullet from being placed in the detention home, the Mississippi native felt like she had a second chance in life, saying:

“From that moment forward, I felt like I had been somehow saved, that somebody up there recognized that I wasn’t a bad girl.”

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