OMG! Julia Fox’s Hermes Birkin bag meets a terrible fate

Julia Fox expressed that owning a birkin bag is scary

Julia Fox recently stated that owning a Hermes Birkin bag is scary. Is that so? Well, you will not deny after watching her latest video. Recently, Julia revealed the terrible fate the Birkin had to go through.

Taking to Tiktok, the model flaunted her gray Hermes bag which was severely ‘wounded’ up with a sharp object. “I love her, but she’s been through a lot,” Fox said about her loved bag, before she zoomed in on the broad cut at the corner of the straps.

“That’s a little hard to see there, but she was actually attacked by a machete. I’m not kidding — that actually happened to this bag. And me,” she said, before revealing more of the heartbreaking scenario. “You can see a little bit from where the machete slipped and hit the side of the bag, too.”

Her Birkin bag, with a black ostrich style featuring rose gold hardware is worth $45,000, is apparently not the similar one that was gifted to her by her ex and rapper Kanye West in February for her birthday. Her personal stylist Michelle Lovelace revealed earlier that she only had “four or five days to source the bags” before her birthday, however, thankfully, “there was no budget.” “I was freaking out. And then his team was like, ‘Well, he really wants this, so you have to try to find it,’” she recalled the time, “My anxiety was definitely through the roof.”

However, the butchered gray Birkin bag of Fox is a custom-made bag featuring gold-trimmed leather with gold horseshoe stamped along with the Hermes logo that makes the bag a pricey possession. While Fox didn’t reveal much about the attack, she said, “You know I was holding on to this Birkin for my life.”

“You’re checking on the Birkin, making sure it’s still there, that it didn’t magically grow wings. It’s scary to have a Birkin. It’s a lot of pressure,” she explained.

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