Olivia Wilde wants Harry Style to think they aren’t over, here’s why

Olivia Wilde also wants Harry Styles to think that she and Jason Sudeikis are long over.

Olivia Wilde’s latest hint confirms that the actress is inclined towards Harry Styles as she wants Harry to think that they aren’t over. On the other hand, the actress also stresses on the point that Harry Styles thinks there is nothing left between Jason Sudeikis and her.

“Olivia went on to defend herself and I think she did it for Harry,” Wilde and Sudeikis’ ex-nanny claimed in her interview with a leading daily this week. She further added that Wilde “wanted Harry to think things were over for a long time — and they weren’t.”

The nanny, who takes care of Otis, 8, and Daisy, 6, children of Olivia and Jason, revealed that the duo are still so much into themselves and continue to see each other and send love notes after the actress separated and moved out of the house in November 2020.

The nanny also revealed that Wilde “strung Sudeikis along by telling him she loved him and sleeping with him naked in bed until that December. Five days later, in January 2021, she went public with Styles.”

“He doesn’t know about any of it,” the nanny stated about Styles. “One thing about Olivia is she likes to just act like there’s no problems. Nothing’s there. When you bring something up to her she just doesn’t know how to deal with things. She blows them to the side.” She added, “So I think she didn’t want Harry to have anything to do [with it].”

In a recent interview with a leading daily, Wilde bashed  the “horses–t idea” that she “left Sudeikis for Styles” and callee the accusations “completely inaccurate.” She also said they split “towards the beginning of the pandemic.”

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