Nivea Shares How She Became ‘Very Close’ With Lauren London While They Were Both Pregnant By Lil Wayne

Nivea opens up about her ‘Very Close’ friendship with Lauren London while they were both pregnant by Lil Wayne. 

‘Don’t Mess With My Man’ singer Nivea sat down for an interview with VLADTV and opened up about her relationship with Lil Wayne and about developing a very close friendship with Lauren London while they were both expecting Lil Wayne’s babies.

Nivea, 37,  explained that she and Lil Wayne reconciled after her marriage ended with record producer “The Dream” in 2007.

Nivea and Wayne had dated before. He proposed to Nivea in 2002, however, he called off the engagement in 2003.

In 2004, Nivea married The Dream and the couple had 3 children together.

Nivea said that after her separation from “The Dream”, Lil Wayne reached out to her and the two reconnected.

“He reached back out like, ‘Where have you been?’ It had been five years,” Nivea recalled. “He wanted to apologize for the way it ended before. And I needed a damn friend. I felt like the whole world was laughing at me.”

Nivea shared that when she got back together with Wayne, he was already expecting a child with his ex, Sarah Vivian. Nivea accepted the situation because she too came back into the relationship with 3 kids from her previous marriage.

In 2009, Nivea found out that she was pregnant with Lil Wayne’s baby and on the same day, she found out that Lauren London was also pregnant with Wayne’s child too.

“I found out the day I was confirmed pregnant with our son that he had another one that should be expected three months ahead of ours,” Nivea shared. “I’m like ‘Wow’.”

Nivea explained that it was the last straw and she ended the relationship with Wayne while she was pregnant. And after the breakup, she connected with Lauren and ironically, the two became very close.

“It was very crushing, then she and I became very close, ironically, after he and I decided to let it go,” Nivea said. “She was a real good friend to me during my mother’s death. I know that sounds weird, but we were two people going through something that was along the lines of humiliating. It felt like, who else could you share this oddly unique situation with?”

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