“My Days Don’t Feel the Same Without You”: Michael Jordan’s Daughter Jasmine Mourns a Saddening Loss in Heart-Wrenching Thanksgiving Note

Thanksgiving is a joyous occasion for celebrating the blessings of the year gone by, traditionally in company of one’s family. As the festivities ramped up, NBA families took to Instagram to express their gratitude and love. However, the Michael Jordan family celebrated Thanksgiving with a tinge of sadness.

The Jordan family is private about their plans and time spent as a family. However, they post about family during birthdays or important events. With that said, Michael Jordan‘s daughter Jasmine Jordan announced a piece of unfortunate news on Instagram.

In a heartfelt post, Jasmine revealed that her pet dog, Mila Jane Jordan, had passed away. Jasmine mentioned that their Thanksgiving commenced on a mournful note. And that she was beyond grateful to Mila for choosing Jasmine as her fur mom. She described Mila as her ‘first baby’.

Jasmine claimed that her close friends and family would know that Mila meant the world and beyond to her. She said, “My days don’t feel the same without you.” Jasmine also mentioned that her other pet dog, Montana, would miss Mila’s presence. For Jasmine, the love for Mila will always be there and she will be missed forever.

Jasmine ended this heart-wrenching post with another message for Mila. She said, “Walk beside us, baby girl.”

Mila Jane Jordan, along with Montana, has an Instagram page named ‘Mila n Montana’. Run by Jasmine herself, the account has 610 followers. Jasmine also posted about this news on Mila and Montana’s page. Fans, friends, and family commented on this post as they expressed their love and support for the Jordan family.

Mila was a mixed breed of Pomeranian and Yorkshire Terrier. As per her Instagram bio, Mila “loves rolling in the sun and is a secret assassin.”

Mila made the news in 2016
In 2016, the spokesperson of the Jordan family announced that Mila went missing. A 1000 dollar reward was placed for anyone who helped bring Mila back home.

A week later, Jasmine posted on her Instagram that Mila had finally returned home. In the caption, Jasmine mentioned that she had lost all hope. However, an anonymous caller saved the day by reuniting Mila with her fur-mom.

Jasmine expressed that she was grateful to her community for their constant help. She said, “Thank you everyone for praying, tweeting, retweeting, posting, reposting, calling, texting, commenting, everything!!!”

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