Muhammad Ali’s Grandson Nico Wins 1st Pro Boxing Match — Meet Proud Parents Rasheda & Bob Walsh

Muhammad Ali is one of the greatest boxers of all time. Now, his grandson Nico Ali Walsh is set to continue his lasting legacy as his boxing career took off on a good note.

One can hardly talk about boxing without mentioning Muhammad Ali. There have been many boxers to grace the ring, but Muhammad was one of a kind. He was known for his skillfulness and trash talks, and many knockouts.

A true talent, Muhammad was more than just a boxer and drew many people to the sport, making him one of the greatest, if not the greatest of all time.

Muhammad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at 42 and lived with the condition until his death. In June 2016, he died at 74 after a battle with a respiratory illness.

Muhammad was married four times in his lifetime and survived by nine children. One of his children is Rasheda Ali, who he shared with his then-second wife, Belinda Boyd.

Muhammad and Boyd welcomed Rasheda and her twin sister, Jamillah, in 1970. Today, Rasheda follows in her father’s footsteps and is an accomplished woman, living a life of excellence.

Rasheda is an author, media spokesperson, public speaker, and Parkinson’s advocate. She canvasses support for stem cell research and journeys worldwide to raise awareness and funds for the disease.

Rasheda also authored a book, “I’ll Hold Your Hand So You Won’t Fall: A Child’s Guide to Parkinson’s Disease.” The book was inspired by her late dad and help children deal with Parkinson’s.

She is forever proud of her late dad and usually shares some of his quotes on her Instagram page. Rasheda is married to Robert Walsh, and they share two sons Nico Ali Walsh and Biaggio Walsh.

It is undebatable that Muhammad’s boxing legacy will always be remembered, but his grandson, Nico, aims to carry it a step further and is already following in his footsteps.

She also said she promised her dad they would try their best as Muslims to carry on his legacy the best way possible.

On Saturday, the 21-year-old made his professional boxing debut and did it in grand style by knocking down his opponent, Jordan Weeks, in the first round of their fight.

It was a proud moment for Nico, who fought wearing trunks his late grandfather gifted him. He told reporters the bout lived up completely to his expectations and that it had been an emotional journey getting to this point.

Rasheeda was exceedingly proud of her son’s exploits and took to her Instagram page to pay tribute to him. In a post she made on Sunday, she shared pictures of her victorious son and another one that showed them embracing each other after the fight.

She also shared another photo that showed her sitting on his lap and making a thumbs-up sign. In the post’s caption, the proud mom wrote:

“I’m so proud of you @nicoaliwalsh Incredible Legacy to continue… Daddy & Must would have been over the moon!!”

Hours before Nico’s fight, she posted pictures of her posing with him and his trainer SugarHill Steward. She also shared a picture that showed her, Steward, Nico, his brother, Biaggio, and their dad Robert. She captioned the post:

“Get ready to rumble!🥊 #teamnico.”

In a 2017 interview, Rasheda said she wished her late dad had watched Nico’s first boxing fight and revealed Muhammad had come to Arizona for the bout but missed out due to ill health.

However, Muhammad gave Nico some nice words afterward and promised to be there for his next fight though he did not make it. She said she would have loved her dad to see Nico’s first victory as it was one of her dreams.

In that interview, Rasheda also revealed her and her late dad’s last conversation, adding that she and her siblings reflected, laughed, and cried together. They also talked for hours and prayed together.

She promised her dad they would try their best as Muslims to carry on his legacy the best way possible. Rasheda also told her dad he would be young, handsome, fast, and pretty.

Rasheda and her husband share a close bond and loving relationship that has helped Nico grow into the boxer he is today. They met in June 1997 and have been married for over two decades.

On June 8, 2021, Rasheda celebrated her and Robert’s 24th wedding anniversary by sharing their wedding photo and another recent snap of them. In the post’s caption, she thanked him and said she is blessed to be with him for 24 years.

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