Mom leaves toddler with teen niece, minutes later gets photo that has her in stitches

For a mom, whether she is working at the office or at home, the time will still come when she will need to hire someone to take care of her little ones. Though it’s scary to let someone else look after your child, you never know how things will turn out- especially if you’re not around.

You will even end up asking, “Are they going to take good care of my child like the way I do?”

Finding a good babysitter takes a lot more than just an interview with an applicant, it takes a mother’s instinct to feel if she’s choosing the right person for the job or not.

A viral babysitting story.

While most parents keep this part of their personal life private, there are some who are generous enough to share it with the rest of the world by using social media. To be honest, most of these stories are heart-wrenching, but some are also extremely hilarious.

That’s exactly what this story is about, a mom decided to ask someone to look over her child while she was away, and the result? Absolute hilarity.

Her name is Claudia Sorhaindo and she is without a doubt, a loving mother.

She has a beautiful little angel, her name is Ava, and she has been Claudia’s bundle of joy since she was born. When she needed to be away, she asked her niece, J’Ann if she could do the babysitting during her absence.

J’Ann was just 15 years old and many people would think she’s not fit to babysit Ava.

Though she’s just a teen, she was one of 17 grandchildren and had done a lot of babysitting in her time. Claudia was confident in letting her niece look after her precious baby.

Putting J’Ann to the test.

Was Claudia right in giving a 15-year-old the responsibility of babysitting Ava? It’s an absolute YES! And you’ll be surprised once you discover what she’s done.

When the day came that she was asked to do the job, she was there and showed up when her help was badly needed. To make her aunt feel at ease, she went one step further by providing her aunt with photos of her and baby Ava.

J’Ann the babysitter was hungry.

Babysitting is never an easy task, it’s more than just looking after a baby, and any babysitter would 100% agree with me on this.

This viral story started when J’Ann got hungry.

She called her aunt first and asked for her permission if she could make a sandwich. Of course, Claudia said yes. The only question then was, how was she going to do that while having Ava beside her?

We all know that leaving a baby alone might put them in a whole world of danger. Thankfully, J’Ann knew exactly what she needed to do, and she came up with a hilarious idea.

Witty is the word!

Instead of just laying Ava in a crib or a playpen, J’Ann made making a sandwich while staying close to Ava possible. How did she do it? Brace yourselves!

She literally placed Ava inside her pants!

If this idea didn’t impress you then I really don’t know what would. Isn’t that hilarious and brilliant at the same time? That way, she can bring Ava wherever she goes, which gives her more freedom to go to any part of the house without the worry of having the adorable baby out of her sight.

Time to make the rest of the world laugh.

When Claudia received the photos, she was not able to grab a hold of herself. She decided to share the photos of her niece and baby Ava on her Facebook account which quickly went viral. She wrote on a Facebook post:

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