Mike Tyson finally opens up on why he fell asleep in the interview with Piers Morgan

The boxing legend finally revealed the reason during his recent appearance on a show hosted by Piers Morgan

Boxing legend Mike Tyson falling asleep in the interview with Piers Morgan had created much ruckus. However, recently, Mike revealed the bombshell reason on why he did so and it seems like it was not his fault.

Recently, Tyson appeared on the same show years later after the incident. He revealed that the earlier incident happened as he was drowsy from the painkillers. “I had hurt myself at that particular time,” told the 56 years old boxing champion.

He expressed, “I guess I was training, something happened, I hurt myself and I received some painkillers from my wife and after I received these painkillers, I was just incapable of articulating anything, it was just a mess.

For the unversed, Tyson was speaking about the time when the pharmaceutical TKO had happened when the heavyweight champion appeared on the Good Morning Britain hosted by Morgan and co-hosted by Susanna Reid in 2020.

He had been actively promoting the highly-anticipated exhibition against another legend Roy Jones Jr. While Reid had teased Tyson asking if it is a good idea that two 50-plus-year-old men should be put on a fight “without protective headgear,” the champion lowered his head and appeared to have dozed off before responding. He also looked disoriented throughout the interview, which further left his fans questioned whether he had been on drugs.

On the other hand, people poked fun at the interviewer, Morgan, saying that Mike fell asleep because he and his questions were boring, “I need you to take the wrap for that because I got killed for that, it was like ‘Morgan you’re sending people to sleep, what’s the matter with you?’” He added, “I need you to take the wrap for this one.”

To which Tyson admitted and quashed the allegations, “It was my fault everybody, it was my fault.”

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