Meet Vanessa, Kobe Bryant’s Wife of 18 Years and Mother of their 4 Daughters

As the saying goes, “behind every great man, there is a great woman,” and basketball star, Kobe Bryant is indeed a great man. One woman has stood with him through his toughest times and difficulties, and that is his wife, Vanessa.

Vanessa Bryant met Kobe in the early 2000s while she worked as a model for a music video. Since then, it has been tales of love, friendship, and unity for the adorable couple despite all the challenges they’ve faced.

While Kobe enjoyed a stellar career in the NBA courts during his active days, his wife remained unseen as she seldom grants interviews or appears in the public eye.

Despite her low key profile, the world got a glimpse of the stern side of Vanessa when she gave Kobe a deathly stare when he confessed to committing adultery/sexual assault in 2004.

However, despite all odds, she has remained with him through thick and thin and has just recently given birth to their fourth child.

Kobe Bryant began dating Vanessa when she was in high school. As such, she was serenaded by cameramen and television stations who were keen to get a glimpse of the star couple.

This prompted Vanessa to miss out on her prom night and resort to homeschooling to finish her education. Since the press could only get little from her, they began to interview some of her classmates.

Los Angeles Times, interviewed a student, Graham Finochio who revealed that the buzz around school was about basketball star, Kobe Bryant sending flowers and gifts to a girl in the school.

Kobe and Vanessa finally tied the knot in 2001. He was only 23-years-old, while Vanessa was 18. Due to their young age, many predicted that their wedding wouldn’t last. But it has been eighteen years now, and the couple has remained together despite the scare from Kobe’s infidelity.

Lots of kudos goes to the ever strong and committed Vanessa, who suffered so much during that period, including a miscarriage in 2005. Their issues didn’t end after the sexual assault scandal, as Vanessa filed for divorce in 2011, ten years after their marriage.

Many, including her step-father, accused her of being after Kobe’s money, but she proved them all wrong by reconciling with her husband and staying on with him.

Kobe and Vanessa recently announced the birth of their fourth child and daughter, Capri Kobe Bryant. The happy parents took to social media to share the joyful news.

Capri is the fourth child in the Bryant family, as they already had three girls, Natalie, Gianna, and Bianka. Special Congratulations to Kobe, his wife, and their household.

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