Meet Robert Ellis Silberstein — Diana Ross’ Former Spouse and a Loving Dad-of-3

Robert Ellis Silberstein was once married to Diana Ross. With the singer, he welcomed three children, one of whom is “Black-Ish” star Tracee Ellis Ross. Take a look at his life!

Former talent manager Robert Ellis Silberstein is Diana Ross’s ex-husband and the doting father of their beautiful daughters, Rhonda, Tracee, and Chudney.

And despite all being grown-ups now, the three siblings have maintained a close bond with their dad over the years. Here’s a glimpse into his life with Diana.


Diana first met Silberstein in a men’s gift shop where she was shopping for a present for her then-partner, Motown chairman Berry Gordy.

The singer had approached him, asking for suggestions on what she could get for Gordy, but instead, she was taken aback by his look, which she described as “young, alive and very handsome.”

In 1971, Diana and Silberstein tied the knot but were only married for six years before going their separate ways in March 1977.

But despite their failed marriage, Diana and her ex-husband remained very cordial, with Silberstein noting that their relationship is now too good to be true.


At the time Diana and Silberstein got married, the singer was two months pregnant with a daughter she conceived by her former partner Berry Gordy.

But seeing that Diana had more experience in the industry than he did, Silberstein soon decided managing talents was not for him.
Diana would later give birth to a daughter, Rhonda Suzanne, whom Silberstein adopted, gave his last name, and raised as his own. It was not until she was 13 that Rhonda found out he was not her biological dad.

The couple further expanded their family when they welcomed daughters Tracee and Chudney in 1972 and 1975, respectively.

While Tracee has found a successful career in Hollywood, Rhonda followed in her mom’s footsteps as she has since pursued a career in music.

Despite sharing an uncanny resemblance with her mom, Tracee has a close bond with her dad, whom she credits for her sense of humor and boisterous personality.


Before his marriage to Diana, Silberstein was a budding talent manager. Unsurprisingly, he managed her alongside some others during their short-lived marriage.

But seeing that Diana had more experience in the industry than he did, Silberstein soon decided managing talents was not for him and went into real estate.

However, outside all these, Silberstein’s biggest achievement remains his three daughters, Rhonda, Tracee, and Chudney who he loves dearly.

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