Love & Hip Hop Star Apryl Jones: ‘Deadbeat Omarion Only Gives Me $700/Month For Kids!’

Love & Hip Hop star Apryl Jones says ‘deadbeat Omarion only gives me $700/month for kids!

Love & Hip Hop star Apryl Jones is on the news again. And this time, the 32-year-old reality TV star is setting the record straight as she sat down to tell everyone all about her relationship with her baby daddy Omarion.

Apryl Jones of Love & Hip Hop sat down with Nick Cannon for an interview and spilled the tea on her relationship with her current boyfriend Lil Fizz and her ex-boyfriend Omarion.

Jones clarified that she never cheated on Omarion and her relationship with Lil Fizz began way after her relationship ended with Omarion.

Apryl also revealed that even though Omarion and Lil Fizz are bandmates, they are not and have never been close friends.

Apryl also shared a lot of details about her Instagram Live updates, her current state of mind, and later went on to disclose that “Omarion is mean to her and doesn’t treat her well”.

“To the perception of the world, Omari’s unbothered, but he bothers me,” she told Nick Cannon. “There’s a lot that I’m dealing with behind closed doors that people don’t know. Like, not receiving support and a person claiming they only make a certain amount of money, and I’m only getting $700 a month. Like, little stuff like that. It’s just the truth. So what are you gonna tell your children when they find out what you did to their mom?”

“If he sees this interview, I don’t want no smoke,” Apryl clarified. “I really don’t know HOW to communicate with the father of my kids. I don’t wish you bad.”

Apryl also revealed that Omarion is jealous of her relationship with Lil Fizz and has not handled it very well so far.

“He’s mean to me,” Apryl said. “He just kind of looks at me. But I feel like he’s gonna get through that. I’m through it, I’m in a peaceful state in my life.”

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