LNHH’s Apple Watts Left In Tears After Discovering Boyfriend Is A Trans gender Man Who Used To Be A Woman, Now She’s Paying Money To Anyone Who Can Locate His Old TikTok Account – Video

Apple Watts is well known for her role on Love and HipHop: Hollywood, but she should contact MTV’s Catfish producer, Nev Schulman, since she may be a good fit for an episode. The reality tv star recently revealed to her social networking fans that the guy she’s been seeing may not have been someone she knew very well.

While Apple has been a part of the LHHH series as a supporting character, nothing is known about her love life on (or off) the program. The mother of three children (one from a sp-erm donor, as she told VH1.com, “I was g-ay at the time”) has apparently married once, but no detail about him has been revealed.

Watts said in a 2018 interview with VH1 that she didn’t have a significant partner or woman in her life. “There will be no more women!” Apple added, “I haven’t been down that path since my son five years ago.” “I’m looking for a man.” My heart has been br-oken by every man I’ve ever known. I need a strong backbone, but finding the proper one is difficult since these guys are so insane. I’d want to do a ‘Bite the Apple’ spin-off where I can get to know somebody.

Being a dancer is challenging, but now that I’m on TV, I’m not sure who is genuine and who isn’t.

Sage The Gemini, a rapper, and Supa Cent, an entrepreneur, were recently linked romantically. The revelation enraged Apple Watts, who went live on Instagram to go against the artist. “Are you in a relationship?” So now you’re in love,” she says in a video uploaded by TheShadeRoom, before claiming that he enjoys jumping on bandwagons and praising his talents. She returned afterward to apologize for her prior outburst.

I’m not moved by ‘Love and Hip Hop.’ I’m not sure what prompted me to mention his name in the first place.

I’m delighted for them both. Supa is a stunning woman. “I said what I meant to say, and it’s what it really is.” Apple revealed to her social media followers that her “lover” was a trans gender guy. Angry about her discoveries, she shared a photo on Instagram and offered a reward to anybody who could find her ex’s TikTok account. “Yo, if you haven’t heard the tale, I believed this was a male, which was my [man] the entire time, but it was a lady the entire time.”

She eventually removed her message but followed up with a video explanation of her strange circumstance. She added, “I removed it because God will not allow dislike in my heart.” “And I don’t want any negative karma coming my way because 2021 has been such a nice year.” “So let me tell you, whichever way, my heart got br-oken, I’m accustomed to it,” she concluded. I cry and swallowed it.

But sobbing will not allow dislike to enter my heart, so he may say anything he wants or says whatever he/she wants about me, but everyone has already said something about me. It has no effect on me. However, God bless him.

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