LA Rapper Slim 400 Shot 10 Times – In Critical Condition Fighting For Life

On Friday night, popular rapper Slim 400 was shot multiple times in an attack in Compton. Sources close to the case share that the rapper was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery as soon as he arrived. For now, he is in serious condition.

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The rapper, whose real name Vincent Cohran, was shot in Compton, a few miles from where Nipsey Hussle was fatally shot, only three months after the event. TMZ reports that what led up to the shooting is currently unclear, but that a black vehicle suspected to be involved in the incident was seen leaving the scene.

A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department official confirmed a shooting occurred and that the victim was still alive. However, she didn’t confirm whether the victim was Slim 400.

Podcaster Adam Grandmaison, known as Adam22, tweeted: “Slim 400 got shot 10 times and is currently in the hospital. Pray for him.” The Times revealed that the shooting occurred at 8:30 p.m.

Police are looking for evidence connected to the shooting. They’re currently looking at surveillance footage and they’re also looking for possible suspects.

According to TMZ, they received an update concerning his wounds and it seems that he wasn’t shot 10 times, but eight. He underwent surgery. While his condition is still critical, he is stable for now. His friend YG was at Slum 400’s bedside the entire night.

According to the screenshot of a recent text message exchange between Adam of No Jumper fame and an unidentified person, the rapper was struck in the face and back and is in surgery at St. Francis Medical Center. The text exchange revealed the bullets went in and out.

Slim 400 is a popular up-and-coming rapper from Compton. Slim 400, a 31, is a Compton native, is best known for his work on “Bruisin” with YG and Sad Boy Loko. His discography include Foe Reala (2018), Foe Block 2 (2017), All Blassik (2016) and Keepin’ It 400 (2014). He’s a good friend and frequent collaborator of YG.

We wish Vincent all the best and a speedy recovery!