Kobe Bryant’s Oldest Daughter Natalia Looks like Her Mom as She Holds a Baby in a Sweet Photo

Natalia Bryant shared a new Instagram photo of herself flashing a gorgeous smile, highlighting the striking resemblance between the beautiful teenager and her mom, Vanessa Bryant.

Kobe Bryant’s daughter Natalia is a replica of her mom, and once again, the 17-year-old has proven that she and her mother could pass for twins. In a new Instagram post, Natalia shared a picture of herself wearing black denim shorts and a white T-shirt with an adorable cat design across it.

The snapshot also featured a baby whom Natalia held on her hip. The 17-year-old had one hand raised up while pointing to something out of the frame.

While doing this, Natalia flashed a charming smile as she sweetly stared at the baby who was looking in the direction the young athlete’s hand was pointed.

The 17-year-old beauty was captured standing in a living room boasting brown hardwood flooring, white walls, and a large television screen. Natalia captioned the adorable image hinting at the baby’s name by writing:

“Just me and Roux☺️.”

Though Natalia disabled comments under her post, fans could still show their love for the picture by clicking the like button. So far, it has garnered over 200,000 likes.

Natalia is the oldest daughter of the late basketball legend Kobe and his wife, Vanessa. Before his tragic death earlier this year, the NBA star had a great relationship with his kids.

She wished her late sister a happy birthday while noting how much she misses her.

Therefore it is no surprise that Natalia has continued to honor her dad’s legacy even months after his sudden death. On what would have been his 42nd birthday, the doting daughter shared a throwback photo of the basketball legend holding her as a baby.

She accompanied it with a caption recounting all of their favorite father-daughter moments together. Natalia concluded by sweetly adding:

“I love you forever and always. Always, Slim.”

In addition to paying tributes to her dad, Natalia has also continued to honor her late sister Gianna who died alongside Kobe in a January 26 helicopter crash in Calabasas.

To celebrate what would have been Gianna’s 14th birthday in May, Natalia shared a sweet picture of the two siblings smiling while locked in a warm embrace.

Natalia shared the image alongside a caption where she wished her late sister a happy birthday while noting how much she misses her.

Though Kobe and Gianna’s death came as a rude shock to Natalia and the rest of her family, she is drawing strength from the sweet memories they shared.

These beautiful memories are sure to bring a smile to the 17-year-old’s face, even in what appears to be the darkest and gloomiest of days.

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