Kobe Bryant Has Been Married for 18 Years to Vanessa and They Have 4 Daughters – Meet His Family

Kobe Bryant has dominated not only the world of basketball but also family. The phenomenal NBA legend boasts of being a loving husband to his wife of 18 years, Vanessa, and a doting father to their four daughters.

For many athletes, having a thriving career and prosperous family life simultaneously almost seems impossible. However, leave it basketball legend Kobe Bryant to defy the odds.

Alongside a prominent and fulfilling 20-year career, Kobe managed to effortlessly carry on his family duties as a loving husband and doting father.

Ever since retiring in 2016, Bryant and his wonderful family have continued to garner the attention of fans, and we are here to bring you in on all you need to know about the Bryant bunch.

Bryant found the love of his life, Vanessa, when they were both in high school.

As noted by Nicki Swift, Vanessa met the NBA legend in 1999 while she was working on the set of a music video.

By the following year, Kobe proposed to Vanessa one day after his basketball practices, and in 2001 they walked down the aisle. At the time, she was 18, and Bryant was 23.

Even though Kobe’s parents didn’t approve of her according to the Los Angeles Times, the lovebirds pressed on to build their family and Kobe’s career. When Kobe was plagued with a sexual assault scandal in 2003, Vanessa stayed by him.

However, their marriage wasn’t without its down moments as two years after the scandal, Vanessa suffered a miscarriage, which Kobe blamed himself for.

According to the New York Daily News, Kobe said:

“The reality is it happened because of me. That’s something I have to deal with. We were expecting…and um…expecting our second child during that time…and there was just so much stress, she actually, she actually miscarried.”

Also, in 2011, she filed for a divorce per Heavy. Luckily, they were able to work through their differences and called it off before things deteriorate.

Ever since Kobe and Vanessa have maintained a strong front and have never failed to celebrate each other in front of the whole world.

This was the case on Mother’s Day 2019 when Kobe took to Instagram to serenade his woman with sweet words by calling her the “foundation” of the home.

Two years after getting married, Vanessa and Kobe welcomed their first child and daughter, Natalia. The bundle of joy remained the only child for about four years before Giana came along on May 1, 2007.

Gianna seems to be only Bryant child to have inherited her father’s legendary basketball skills, per Just Richest.

TMZ noted that sometime in November, Kobe shared a clip of his second-born pulling off a fadeaway jumper just like him. The retired basketballer also coaches her school’s basketball team

The third daughter, Bianka, joined the family in 2016, shortly before her father hung his boots. Unlike her older ones, Bianca got to see a lot more of her father.

She also has a flair for dressing up as Bck Online notes that she dominated Halloween among the Kobe bunch dressed as a spider.

The latest addition to the clan joined the family in June 2019. The youngest Bryant Princess was introduced to the world some weeks after her birth via a post on her father’s Instagram.

Kobe announced her name as Capri Kobe Bryant ‘KoKo,’ a name that pays a special tribute to her father.

Although Kobe loves all his kids dearly, Capri seems to hold a special spot in her dad’s heart as he confessed to Extra during an interview that she is the couple’s best child.

In his words:

“She has been our best baby. She sleeps like six hours. She’s an absolute sweetheart.”

While many might think Kobe is done is with adding to his brood, the reverse might be the case for Vanessa.

PEOPLE revealed that he made that confession during an interview with Extra, saying:

“I love having girls — I’m super, super excited about that. She is as well. She wanted a boy so he can be Mama’s boy forever — that sort of thing. We’ll see if I can deliver, I don’t know.”

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