Keyshia Cole Reveals Her Dog Of 14 Years Passed Away

2021 has not been kind to Keyshia Cole. We are saddened to report on the passing of Keyshia’s dog, Lola, who was her canine companion for the last 14 years, Keyshia Cole revealed the news in a post on Instagram.

“I’m gonna miss my Lola!!! A companion fit for a queen,” she wrote. “I know it was real that one time I got my heat broke, and couldn’t get outta bed. She didn’t get up until I got up! Boy was she happy when I got over that sh*t.”

“To see her and Djs relationship come full circle, and to end up being really close,” Keyshia continued. “She really was the smartest animal I’ve ever encountered…she was my bestie in REAL LIFE! There through thick and thing everyday for the last 14 years!!”

“I’m so sad and heartbroken, but I know everything is not for a lifetime. I’ve realized this. Things, people and places get old and we are all constantly progressing. Love you Lola Mae Cole!”

As we previously reported, Keyshia Cole experienced the loss of her mother Frankie Lons and her father Leon Cole within months of each other.

Continue to keep Keyshia and her loved ones in your prayers during this difficult time, Roomies.

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