Kevin Hart Reacts To Mo’Nique Slamming Oprah & Tyler Perry

By now, almost everyone with an internet connection has probably heard, or read all about Mo’Nique’s claims of being blackballed in the film industry. For those who missed it, Mo’Nique slammed Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, and Lee Daniels for the role she feels the played in blackballing her. Mo’Nique has turned lots of heads and garnered reactions from a number of celebrities including Sheryl Underwood and Empire star Terrence Howard. Now, Kevin Hart has been added to the list.

It’s no secret that as a comedian/actor, Kevin is an all-around funny dude. So, his response to the media firestorm Mo’Nique started with Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry comes as no surprise. Like many celebrities, the Real Husbands of Hollywood star was asked about Mo’Nique’s blistering statement but he had a relatively light-hearted response to the ordeal.

Love For ‘Auntie Mo’Nique’:

Kevin had nothing but wonderful things to say about his ‘Auntie’ Mo’Nique. When he was stopped by TMZ, he offered his take on the situation. But the love didn’t stop with Mo’Nique. He also revealed he has nothing but respect for everyone involved. In a nutshell, love, peace, and happiness are all Kevin wants.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Mo’Nique is not only a friend, she’s like an auntie to me, I got nothing but love. Did Soul Plane together. Nothing but love for Mo’Nique and the same thing for Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels all good friends of mine as well. Oprah, another good friend of mine,” he said. “I wish nothing but happiness for everybody and whatever those problems are hopefully they can all find a way to resolve them and work together. They’ve done great work together and I think they can do it again. Naturally, in life things happen. There’s a positive in every negative, so it’s up to them to find it.”

Check out the clip below:

Similar Responses:

Although Kevin Hart’s response was more personal due to his relationship with Mo’Nique, his opinion of the whole ordeal was relatively similar to Terrence Howard’s response. The Empire star was also asked for his opinion of the situation since he works closely with Lee Daniels. Terrence also remained amicable and professional while complimenting Mo’Nique on her work.

“It’s just nature,” Terrence said, according to BET. “Everybody’s good and everybody’s got an opinion. She’s got an Oscar. She got an Oscar from it, and she’s still an amazing actor and an amazing comedian.”

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