J&K Rearing process of silkworms is in full swing to boost production of cocoons

Mirgund (J&K) Mirgund (J&K) 16 (ANI) Rearing process of silkworms is at full speed to boost cocoon production as well as boost the sericulture industry in Kashmir. Sericulture is very important and the authorities are doing to improve the production of mulberry fruits and also the production of cocoons. This year’s harvest of the mulberry fruit was very good. Cocoon crop experts from the Sericulture Department are monitoring the rearing process in these days. Both private and government personnel are involved in rearing which is taking place at Mirgund Feed Station. Experts are keeping the temperature, feeding them fresh mulberry leaves that are green, changing nets, and spraying lime powder to shield the worms against any infections. Silkworms then require up to 50 hours of to rest during the sleep cycle. It is an extremely important stage in the rearing process when silkworms consume mulberry green leaves for their main food source and go through different cycles of sleep

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